High Camp Flasks Firelight Flask 750 Onyx

High Camp Flasks is one of these companies that I keep an eye on because year after year they add great products that make great gifts for friends and family and quite a few of them I add to my own collection. I have gifted in the past the Firelight Flask 750 for a wedding gift to a couple that mean so much to our family. It was truly appreciated by them as it holds an entire bottle of wine, a cocktail mix or a bottle of bourbon and it can never be broken. This year looking at the website, I splurged and got myself the Special Edition Onyx Firelight Flask. I was looking for something the wife and I could take on roadtrips and it has everything we need.

The cap on this is very easy to open and the wife has never had to ask me to open it for her. The entire thing is leak proof which is kind of a prerequisite for a flask. The tumblers as well as the flask are vacuum insulated and offer sweat-proof grip and they keep your drink and ice colder which is super nice when traveling across the country. It’s hard to keep some wine from getting too hot when traveling in hot climates so the vacuum insulation is important and now that same feature is included in the tumblers keeping your drink cool. The new wide mouth on the Firelight Flask will accommodate ice cubes if you are interested in making a cocktail. With a 750 ml capacity and a stainless steel interior, nothing is going to taint the taste of your favorite concoction, bourbon or wine and the entire flask is very easy to clean and be ready for your next adventure.

This 3 piece set comes in a nice box with a cloth bag to protect the flask from scratches in your luggage. Priced at $129.00 as is and $154.00 engraved which is why this makes such a sweet gift for someone close to you or as a wedding present for the couple that likes the occasional drink in the backcountry. High Camp Flasks builds small batches of product and sells them to a discerning audience and they are doing it right. Nuff said.

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