CCW Safe Stands By its Members

Members receive exclusive benefits, personal care and reliable coverage under all plans.

Recent events have led to many questions about what is covered and what is not covered under self-defense coverage programs. There are many variables and differences between companies that provide these services. CCW Safe, a trusted source for Self-Defense Coverage, offers unparalleled coverage in all plans. In the event of a self-defense incident, the CCW Safe team is on the case immediately, arriving on-site right away to provide the individual with the best legal team, guidance and personal care.

CCW Safe is a leader in the self-defense legal coverage market that goes beyond the basics. Not only are members covered for legal defense, but also in the physical, financial and emotional support categories. CCW Safe treats members like family because the company founders have walked in their shoes and understand what it’s like to experience the worst moment of their life with a critical self-defense incident.

“Recent cases have led to many calls from concerned members of other organizations, people actively seeking coverage and an influx of new members who have chosen CCW Safe,” said co-founder Mike Darter. “CCW Safe stands by all its members. Our team on the ground consists of retired homicide investigators with decades of experience, and leading legal experts. But above all, we have been in the same situation as our members. So we treat them like we would want to be treated. We respond with compassion and an ability to take care of even the little things, despite the gravity of the situation.”

CCW Safe acts fast and provides individuals experiencing the aftermath of a self-defense incident with customized hands-on care from start to finish. What makes CCW Safe different is a solid reputation of extensive coverage and care along with knowledge of the system and the process therein.

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About CCW Safe

CCW Safe was founded by retired police officers Mike Darter and Stan Campbell and attorney Kyle Sweet. The company started because of Darter’s experience and knowledge of the coverage law enforcement had access to and the desire to make the same coverage and level of service available to the public for critical self-defense incidents. The company offers comprehensive plans for all private citizens, including retired and active-duty law enforcement officers and military members. Headquartered in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, CCW Safe has emerged as the leader in self-defense coverage through one-of-a-kind service, comprehensive coverage and a team of experts in their respective fields. Learn more at

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