Great New Gear from the 2024 ATA Show

Hundreds of vendors and manufacturers gathered at the Archery Trade Association annual exhibition in St. Louis, Missouri to see the newest in archery and hunting gear.  The show ends today and Bowhunting.Net is there in force seeking out those products that will make you a more successful hunter and shooter.  In the next two weeks we will highlight individual products in depth that you will want to explore in the coming months.

TenPoint TRX 515 and TX 440

The Advantage of the ATA Show is the ability to test products on the showroom floor.  TenPoint had their product display and test range just inside the showroom floor, so let’s start there.  I’m holding the TX 440, one of TenPoint’s premier products for 2024.  This compact bow is just 28 inches long and weights just 7.2 pounds, making it perfect for a variety of hunting and shooting situations.  The ZERO-Trac barrel is part of a “rail-less” system for increased accuracy.

Innovative Design

The TRX 515 is the fastest production crossbow on the planet to my knowledge and engineered to much more than an upgrade from last year’s model.  The feel of the bow is solid, thanks to a picatinny rail that is anchored at both ends and braced for an absolute rigid construction.  New TenPoint models feature Trigger Tech triggers, my favorite on any crossbow.  When I shot the TRX 515, I could literally feel the power release.

Hunting Ease Personified

Along with the Trigger Tech improvement, TenPoint engineered an AR-Style safety so that you can keep your hand on the grip and operate the safety with your trigger finger.  So often, the moment of truth lasts literally “a moment” and the ability to switch the bow into fire-mode in an instant can be a deal changer.  To see video and all the specs of these new bows, click here.

Made in America Products

Jay Leichty, the owner of Grim Reaper broadheads is standing on the show floor at this writing and spent all three days at his booth.  Jay is spearheading a movement to organize manufacturers of products totally made in America.  Grim Reaper broadheads are not only made in America but designed, engineered, and in some cases made at Leichty’s hand.

Unique Small Game Head

Grim Reaper manufactures broadheads in about every category from cut-on-contact fixed heads, to expandable, to hybrids that have both features.  This year, they introduce the MACE small game head that is machined from a single block of aluminum.  It’s ultra sturdy, comes in a range of weights from 100 to 200 grains and is perfect for realistic roaming and shooting.  For crossbows, it’s the perfect head for a discharge arrow.  Look out groundhogs and say goodby to arrows that burrow in grass and become lost.  For information about this the new MACE and other Grim Reaper products click here.  Incidentally, Grim Reaper only makes broadheads, so their energies are laser focused on making the best product available.