ATA Show Spotlight- Millennium Blinds

The show floor of the 2024 ATA Show looked like a big city skyline with elevated, enclosed blinds in seemingly every direction.  Millennium is among the leaders in this booming hunting trend and, for 2024, offers a wide variety of surprisingly affordable options.  I had a wooden shooting house blind built five years ago, primarily to accommodate my grandchildren, and have learned that they are effective and can greatly improve your time and enjoyment outdoors.

Large Roomy Spaces

The Magnum 6×6 Buck Hut was one of the largest shooting houses displayed at the show and has room enough for families or filming where one person operates a camera and the other does the shooting.  Large vertical windows allow for 360-degree shooting with rifle, compound, or crossbow.  Each window covering is constructed so that it can be partially opened keeping the inside dark for maximum concealment.  The fabric cover is water-resistant in a camel color that blends with many environments.

Shooting Houses offer Staying Power

The Millennium Buck Hut is designed for a single shooter and can transform “un-huntable” weather into a solo safari.  Your body is a heating device and when you sit in an enclosed area, your natural body heat will warm a small space.  When the wind blows, the snow falls, or a cold misty rain covers the deer woods, you can be on-stand every minute of shooting light.  The longer you remain in the hunt, the “luckier” you become.

The Power of Patience

The shooting house concept has many advantages over a regular tree stand.  First, you can sit in a comfortable chair out of the elements and observe nature as it plays out in front of you.  If you get sleepy, you can nap without risking your life as in a regular tree stand.  You can hunt with companions or family and talk softly about approaching game.  As you see on this Nexcam Axis chair, you can use a video arm or tripod to rest your shot or video camera.  A shooting house blind will allow you to spend more time in the woods, a key ingredient to enhanced success.

Longevity and Forethought

Buying a shooting house blind or tree stand is exciting and it’s easy to become so enthused that you create extra work by not planning ahead.  I was “that guy” who lugged a big box into his favorite hunting spot, tore it open and soon played hide-and-seek in the leaves with bolts and nuts.  Whichever product you buy, watch a YouTube video or two about the construction.  Open the box in your garage or over a hard surface and assemble as much as you can in good light so that you are sure it’s properly assembled.  Have your friends help you set it up and always think safety-first.  I’ve been using Millennium stands for many years and have found that they are well build and effective.  Check out their complete line at