Whitetail Deer Can’t Resist “The Rope Trick”

Whitetail deer communicate through glandular scent.  When bucks and does find a hanging vine, they often rub their forehead and eyes and even lick branches to announce their presence and establish their dominance in the herd.  Although these activities peak during the rut, deer will scent-communicate year-round.

Why Deer Like Hanging Branches

If you watch whitetail deer videos (and who doesn’t) you’ll notice various manufacturers establishing trail cameras near licking branches, hanging vines, or stubby saplings which deer will rub with their head and face.  These may be natural materials, but odds are the person establishing the camera site set the stage with a hanging vine or rubbing branch.

All-in-One Kit

The Wildlife Research Golden Rope kit contains three ropes so that you can set up multiple attractant sites.  Also included are four ounces of Rope concentrate that you will use as an attractant.  The container acts as a scent pail so that you hang the rope, soak the end in attractant, and then close the lid so that you can freshen the rope throughout the season.

Don’t Wait for the Rut

The beauty of the “rope trick” is the ability to attract deer year-round.  You want to know which bucks survived the hunting season and the winter. Are does with fawns in early summer or do you have a coyote problem?  Unlike baited sites, Golden Rope won’t attract black bears and may not be considered “baiting.”

Where to Hang Out?

If your whitetail deer season is still open, re-scout your deer property and you may be amazed to find fresh scrapes.  Traditional scrape sites are ideal spots to hang a Golden Rope.  Once the snow melts, scrapes will be nearly as evident as in late fall which makes late winter/early spring the perfect time to pick a spot, hang a rope and post a camera.  Check out all the great scent attractants and elimination products at Wildlife Research Center by clicking here.