Watching Deer

The period of time between the closing days of summer and the day that deer season begins is is a very special time to me. I tote my camera along from dawn’s first glimmer until dusk turns the day into night time.

Most days begin by percolating 2 cups of coffee and going outside to sit on my front porch and relax as one of the several benefits of living  at the end of a county road made from Colitche (a hardened natural cement consisting of gravel.sand, clay and silt.) The hot summer sun gets the road too hard to dig a hole in it with a shovel. And it gets extremely dusty too.

The river, is almost dry in the summer, and is 600 yards downhill. And for miles this whole area has plenty of Whitetail deer.

Any way you cut it, I live in the deer woods. The closest small town of about 70 people is 5 miles away. I grew up in large cities … but I like it better here.

I took the picture above at a nearby place where deer regularly cross between two fences.
The above picture was from May. Two spotted fawns are taking a morning milk break.
The above doe walks out of some cedar trees and comes toward me.
And gets very close.
I walked up on the above doe and took her picture as she browsed on some summer plants.
Eventually the doe realized she might not be alone and looked at me. She stared at me for a while and then went on about her morning.
Here is another place where the deer use the fences as a passage way to go through the deer woods.
Above is a cool picture. This fawn is alone and walking along a the bottom of a high spot.

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