Video: How to Load an ATV onto Your Toyota Corolla

Being able to afford an ATV but nothing else—like a truck or a trailer (or rent)—is a common problem for those of us who live in rural America. Does that stop us from buying ATVs? No. You just need some redneck ingenuity, and maybe a death wish.

The perfect example of this popped up on social media a few days ago. It all started when Minnesota Reddit user ThiccBananaMeat (don’t give that too much thought) was driving down the highway and spotted a dude hauling an ATV on top of a Toyota Corolla. Naturally, he took a picture and posted it, with the message: “Seen near Elk River. I am both impressed and confused.”

The post got plenty of attention and a pile of funny comments, including:

“Looks like Cleatus got his tax return,” from ScotchandSadness88

“He’s good as long as he smacked the straps and said ‘That’s not going anywhere’ before he started,” from UnfilteredFluid

And from yeetith-thy-skeetith, “As a resident in Elk River, I am not surprised in the slightest to see that there”

But what really took things to the next level were the comments linking to straight to the source, like the one from mowing-my-lawn, which said: “This is my buddy. Here’s how he did it.” And here is how he did it.

When I clicked play on this video, I thought for sure I would hear the words, “Just back her up to da snow bank, eh.” But apparently the tax return was big enough to get a ramp, too. And as KhellianTrelnora said, “…at least the tires are blocked?”

As you’d expect, there were a number of references to Red Green, and plenty of folks did point out what a terrible, bad idea this is, one even going to so far as to calculate what could happen if the driver had to stop quickly: “Unless their straps can hold more than 450 daN that thing might go for a ride.”

But most commenters were more impressed than confused, and some were totally in awe, like Lopsided-Control_577, who summed it all up in three word: “’Merica! F**k, yeah!!”

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