Tom Beckbe Tensaw Jacket Review

I needed a jacket that I could wear around respectable people on hunts.  I am spending more and more time with uplanders and dog folks chasing birds, and I needed a jacket that could go from field to dinner and hold its own in finer conditions as well as in the field.  Chasing pheasants, grouse and quail with Miko is giving me more opportunity to hunt with people versus the last several years where a majority of my efforts have all been solo hunting trips in heavy camo.  I also wanted a jacket that would someday get handed down to one of my kids kind of like one of the jackets I had from my father that has now been passed down to the oldest grandson in our family.

Waxed shelter cloth jackets have been around for well over a hundred years.  Tom Beckbe has created their version of a quality waxed shelter cloth jacket for the uplander at heart.  The Tensaw jacket is really made for Southern quail hunters.  It is heavy waxed cloth, but not an insulated jacket.  So while it keeps the wind and moisture out and off your body, it does not insulate well in extreme temperatures.  Honestly, this is exactly why I wanted it.  Often times, I want to layer up my clothes with merino wool layers, a flannel shirt, sometimes a wool sweater or fleece and then the Tensaw jacket depending on the temperatures I experience while hunting.  This is a pretty great jacket to throw on when the wind is whipping up a storm.

Waxed cloth takes a little bit of care to keep it in great condition.  A tin of reproofing wax is only $4.50 and holds 1.5 oz.  If you are buying the Tensaw jacket, it is important to just add the wax to your order because why not.  Keeping dry and worn areas of your jacket ready and covered in wax when needed is just a part of your maintenance, just like keeping a great pair of leather boots covered in mink oil.

The Tensaw jacket is a shell that will patina over time.  Like great copper, it looks better the more you use it.  This jacket allows a full-range of motion with a bi-swing back and gusseted underarms.  The large front pockets allow for great storage, and the hand warmer pockets are outstanding.  The hidden Napoleon pockets are perfect for your cellphone.  This jacket is made in the USA. Tom Beckbe is making gear “FOR THE HUNT.”  The company is six years old and already they are creating pieces of gear that will stand the test of time. 

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