Tips on Convincing Your Spouse to go Turkey Hunting

Most guys wish that their spouse shared their love for the outdoors. Unfortunately, most men who love hunting do it alone as they have no one to hunt with, meaning they must spend much time away from home and their wives. Turkey hunting can be a fun adventure, and if your wife has ever expressed even a little bit of interest in joining you in a turkey hunt, then this article will show you how you can nurture that interest and make it easy for you to convince her to join you in the turkey hunt.

Communicate Your Passion

Share your excitement and passion for turkey hunting with your spouse. Take this opportunity to explain to your wife why you enjoy it so much and what makes it such a rewarding experience.

Highlight the Benefits

Explain to your spouse the benefits of turkey hunting, such as spending quality time in nature, learning new skills, and potentially bringing home fresh, organic meat.

Make it a Date

Approach the hunting trip as a date or an opportunity to spend quality time together. Show her the importance of shared experiences and bonding time and how going on this turkey hunt together will allow you to spend that time together.

Address Her Concerns

Talk to her about any concerns she may have about turkey hunting. For example, if she is worried about safety, let her know the precautions you will take to ensure a safe hunting experience.

Offer Her Support

Offer to help your spouse prepare for the trip by providing her with the necessary gear and equipment. You can help her pick out the gear and explain how each works. You can also take this opportunity to buy her the best turkey hunting gifts to get her well-equipped and put a smile on her face at the same time. You can also help her to learn the skills needed for turkey hunting.

Choose the Right Time

Consider your spouse’s schedule and choose a time when she will likely be available and free of other commitments. Remember, she has responsibilities too, which she will set aside to accompany you on the hunting trip. So make it easy for her by scheduling the trip at a convenient time.

Be Patient

Your spouse may need time to consider turkey hunting. It might be a new concept, so she might have some inhibitions. Give her space to make her decision. Help her learn about what she can expect from the hunting trip and how to prepare for it. Remind her that it will be a great way to spend time together.


If your spouse hesitates about turkey hunting, consider compromising by finding an activity you can enjoy together. This will show your spouse that you value their interests and are willing to try to find common ground.

Tips To Prepare For A Turkey Hunting Trip With Your Spouse

Now that you have convinced your spouse to go on the hunt with you, preparing for a turkey hunt involves several important steps. Here are some tips to help you get ready:

Safety First: Always prioritize safety when hunting. Let someone know where you will be hunting, carry a first aid kit, and be familiar with the proper handling of firearms.

Know the Regulations: Before you begin hunting, familiarize yourself with your area’s turkey hunting regulations and laws. This includes obtaining any necessary licenses or permits and understanding bag limits and other restrictions.

Practice Shooting: your wife might be new to the concept, so practice shooting with your hunting weapon. This will help you and your wife become more accurate and confident when taking a shot.

Scout the Area: Spend time scouting where you plan to hunt. Look for signs of turkey activity, such as tracks, feathers, and droppings. This will help you identify suitable locations for setting up your hunting blind or decoys.

Learn Turkey Calls: You and your wife can learn how to use turkey calls, such as a box call, slate call, or mouth call. These calls can help you attract turkeys to your hunting location.

Plan Your Hunt: Plan your hunt, including where you will set up your hunting blind or decoys, what calls you will use, and how you will approach the area. This will help you stay organized and focused during the hunt.

Choose the Right Gear: The right gear is essential for a successful and enjoyable turkey hunting experience. Here are some items to consider:

Hunting Rifle or Shotgun: A 12 or 20-gauge shotgun is the most common weapon used for turkey hunting, but some hunters may also use a rifle chambered for turkey loads.

Ammunition: Choose high-quality ammunition explicitly designed for turkey hunting. This includes turkey loads with shot sizes between 4 and 6.

Camouflage Clothing: you and your spouse should wear camouflage clothing that matches the terrain you will be hunting. Consider purchasing a turkey hunting vest with built-in padding for comfort during long hunts.

Hunting Boots: Choose comfortable and durable boots that provide good traction for walking in the woods. Waterproof boots can help keep your feet dry in wet conditions.

Hunting Blind: A turkey hunting blind can help you stay hidden from the turkeys while you wait for them to come into range. Choose a blind that is easy to set up and provides adequate visibility.

Turkey Decoys: Turkey decoys can be used to attract turkeys into shooting range. Choose realistic-looking decoys that match the species of turkey in your area.

Turkey Calls: A variety of turkey calls are available, including box calls, slate calls, and mouth calls. Choose calls you are comfortable using and appropriate for the terrain you will be hunting.

Hunting Backpack: A hunting backpack is essential for carrying all your gear and supplies. Look for a backpack with multiple compartments and a comfortable harness system.

Optics: A good pair of binoculars can help you spot turkeys in the distance, while a red dot sight or low-power scope can help you make accurate shots.

Remember to choose appropriate gear for your skill level and hunting style. Invest in high-quality gear that will last for many hunting seasons to come.

Be Prepared for the Weather: Preparing for the weather is essential when planning a turkey hunt. Here are some tips to help you prepare for different weather conditions:

Check the Forecast: Check the weather forecast a few days before your hunt, and keep an eye on any changes in the forecast. This will help you determine what gear and clothing to bring.

Dress in Layers: Dressing in layers allows you to adjust your clothing to changing weather conditions. Start with a moisture-wicking base layer, insulating layers, and a waterproof and breathable outer layer.

Bring Rain Gear: Even if the forecast calls for clear skies, it’s always a good idea to pack rain gear.

Final Words

Turkey hunting can be a great way to spend quality time with your spouse. And if she wasn’t too convinced before, hopefully, the tips we mentioned in this article will be enough to convince her to join you on your next turkey hunt. Be well prepared by following the information we stated on how to go about your turkey hunting trip. You can also consider taking your kids along on the hunting trip to make it more fun. So have a great fun-filled time on your next turkey hunting trip.

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