The Right Winter Slip-On Boot from Muck Boot Company

The Original Muck Boot Company Men’s Apex Pro Vibram Arctic Grip All-Terrain Boot Review

We have been using Muck Boots for well over 20 years, and these new Apex Pro boots are some of the best we have had the chance to use and test. It all comes down to the simple look and feel of these boots. As well, we like the new Vibram Artic Grip All Terrain Outsole with the Vibram XS Trek Evo compound.

The new traction lug technology and the grip on these boots allow you to have the kind of adventures you want. This includes in any kind of winter conditions you might come into contact with such as ice, wet ice, scree, loose soil and hard pack snow and icy rocks. We tested these boots for the first time doing some snow blowing on an inclined driveway with a ½ inch of underlying ice below the snow.  We were able to hold traction and get our work done without slipping on the ice. 

The boot is built to be used as a little bit more of an active boot. Our initial thought was (and remains) to use these boots this winter as a do everything boot and also to use these for coyote hunting where we know we are going to be a little more active and we will be moving around and a lot more active. 

The grip on these boots have grit built directly into the rubber so it allows them to stick on ice and slippery surfaces which keeps you on your feet. The comfort of these boots is exceptional, and they are easy to slip on and off. Because of the rubber overlay on the front of these boots, they are not made to fold down, but they slip on and off so easily that it really isn’t something that you need. These boots look good and will work both over your pants and under your pants depending on the fit that you are looking for. Generally in ice and snow, I wear them over my pants. These boots are 100% waterproof so they will work well for ice fishing, hunting in snow and working around the farm in the winter.

I would love to see these in a few different colors but black works and is easy to keep clean.  I do like the reflective pull on tabs; they were easy to spot with the flashlight. These boots can be ordered directly from Muck Boot Company or at your local farm and ranch store.  You will pay a little more for the all-terrain boot versus some of the other Muck Boots but that grip you get on slippery surfaces will be worth the extra dollars you spent to get something that will last and keep you upright in tough winter conditions.

Boot Specs:

100% Waterproof

Fully lined with 4mm CR Flex-Foam neoprene, 100% waterproof with exceptional comfort, flexibility, shock absorption and heat retention properties; adjusts to the contours of your foot to resist blisters and chafing

Breathable mesh lining facilitates air circulation to improve comfort and reduce heat and moisture

Dual density comfort footbed with memory foam for long lasting cushioning

EVA midsole for lightweight comfort and shock absorption

Extended rubber coverage for added protection

bioDEWIX antimicrobial footbed insert topcover with NZYM for odor control and moisture management

Combining Vibram’s All-New Arctic Grip All Terrain outsole with XS Trek Evo compound and their New Traction Lug Technology for added durability and grip on wet and dry surfaces; providing improved traction on loose terrain.

Pull-tab for easy on and off

Estimated height: 30cm/ 12in

Estimated max calf circumference: 43cm/ 17in

Comfort Range: -20°F to 50°F / -30°C to 10°C

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