The Crown Buck: Part 2 – Eye To Eye

Robert Hoague

Crown Buck stood still, motionless, and stared right at my face. So, I borrowed from a page his own ‘Big Buck Page-Book’ and stood motionless too, not moving a centimeter from the top of my head down to my toes.

I breathed very slowly through my nose, a subtle trick of my own that I thought up year’s ago. It has worked for me more than it hasn’t!

It worked this time too.

Forty Five yards from us a black hocked Doe walked out of the trees and Crown Buck picked up on the doe instantly and switched his attention to her and postured in his “Here I Am Baby” mode. The Doe held her grounds and looked at him; which tipped me off, I had better get doing whatever I was gonna do.

Note: Above is a game camera picture of Crown Buck from November 11, 2020 taken a mile from where we both were now.

Each second counted now. I scooped up my crossbow. He was closer than I would’ve liked but “It is what it is.” I shouldered the crossbow and did one of those “act, don’t think about it” moves. The crossbow has a scope but he was too close to fool with using it. I sighted down the top of the stock and pulled the trigger.

The bolt flew so fast I could not see it in motion. Crown Buck blasted off like he was launched by the nearby SpaceX. In 80 yards I lost sight of him in the tall grass in front of a gulch. I waited, watching the gulch area, seconds flew by, there was no more movement.

I picked up my iPhone.

I texted Richey, John, Bryant, Collin and Champ and told them we had a  recovery to do. Champ’s mom phoned me back and said, “I’m bringing him right now.”


TO: The Crown Buck Part 1

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