THAW is the Leader in Personal Rechargeable Heating Devices

Personal winter comfort is one of the most challenging things to attain, especially on short excursions into the snow. Everyone will pack themselves tight with thermal base layers and build on top of that to stay warm. However, when people become stationary, their bodies no longer produce as much heat, which can lead to some nasty chills.

THAW has brought to market many easy-to-use products meant for personal warmth. Their lineup of rechargeable battery-operated devices heat up quickly and provide necessary warmth for short or all-day usage. THAW also understands that needed heat isn’t just restricted to the hands and feet.

When it comes to rechargeable heating devices, THAW’s rechargeable hand warmers and seat pads take the cake. These hand warmers use USB-C and even double as a power bank. There are two sizes, small and large, each of which heats both sides. Additionally, their Rechargeable Heated Seat Pad offers up to 17 hours of heat when connected to a power bank. It utilizes a USB connection and can be used in a variety of seasons. These devices reinvent the traditional hand and tush warmers.

If electric rechargeables aren’t your preference, THAW still offers disposable air-activated warmers. This air activation provides exceptional reactive length. Often surpassing the competition, these disposable hand warmers let users move on with their daily outdoor tasks.

No matter what the needs are, THAW has something for everyone. Fast outdoor activities can be paired with a rechargeable system without worrying about wasting activated hand warmers by personalizing the warmth for the need. Likewise, air-activated disposable hand warmers can be used for extended lengths of time. And let’s not forget the caboose! Imagine a long ice fishing expedition while sitting in a shack or directly in the open air. THAW’s Seat Pad can provide all-day personalized warmth without breaking the bank or freezing you out.

About THAW®:

THAW is reinventing personal heating. Offering traditional disposable options and our modern rechargeable lineup of pocket hand warmers and seat pads, THAW gives consumers lasting warmth in even the most bitter cold. New this season, THAW introduced app-controlled Bluetooth Enabled Heated Insoles.

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