Team Gold Tip® Dominates at 2023 NFAA Indoor Nationals

Gold Tip®, an industry leader in carbon arrows and bolts, congratulates team shooters for their strong performance at the 2023 NFAA Indoor Nationals, which took place March 24-26 in Louisville, Kentucky. Team Gold Tip shooters dominated the field, winning both the Men’s Pro and Senior Pro Division, plus the men and women’s Amateur Division.

Team Gold Tip newcomer Levi Reitsma took the top spot in the Pro Division after a tense shoot off with 20 of the sport’s top male archers. After shooting a perfect score of 600 with 120X in qualification round, Reitsma was able to hold off the field to take first place. Teammate Kyle Douglas took the number two spot. Both team members opted to use Gold Tip Triple X Pros in the qualification round, later switching to the Gold Tip Pierce Tour in the shoot off.

“Most pro shooters choose large diameter shafts like Gold Tip’s Triple X Pros for their qualification rounds, but when it comes to the shoot off, scoring shifts to ‘inside out’ scoring,” said Tim Gillingham, Gold Tip and Bee Stinger shooting staff manager. “That’s where smaller diameter arrows like the Pierce Tours come in. ‘Inside out’ means that if you touch the scoring line you get the lower value.”

Meanwhile, in the Senior Pro competition, Gold Tip Pro Staffer Randy Morocco took the top spot after switching to Gold Tip shafts just two tournaments ago. Morocco became the only Senior Pro shooter to ever shoot a perfect 600 with 120X and a first-place win. Gold Tip teammate Jimmy Butts took third place in the Senior Pro division.

Team Gold Tip also came out on top in the competition’s two amateur divisions. Christian Clark won the Amateur Men’s while teammate Meg Curtis won the Amateur Women’s.

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