Team Easton Strong at Kings of Archery

For 12 years, the Kings of Archery- KOA- tournament in The Netherlands has kicked off the indoor season, gathering hundreds of the world’s top archers to a Vegas style competition and becoming one of Europe’s largest indoor events.

Back for 2022 after a two-year hiatus, the KOA again delivered intense competition with top ranked competitors from 46 nations- and once again, Team Easton shooters swept the Gold medals, as well as the lion’s share of all the podiums.

In men’s compound, where Easton shooters represented 7 of the final 10 shootoff competitors, India’s Rishabh YADAV made his international competition debut a memorable one for the win with the Easton Superdrive 23, getting past Easton X7 shooters Mike Schloesser and Mathias Fullerton to take the top podium step.

Both Men’s and Women’s recurve provided a total podium sweep for Easton X10, RX7 and X7 arrow shafts shooters, with Netherlands Olympian Steve Willer taking the men’s top slot, and Netherlands and Mexico Olympian Gaby Schloesser taking the women’s title.

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