Strategies For Deer Hunting

The Whitetail deer is an amazing animal, and can be found in just about any habitat across North America. Its ability to flourish in so many environments truly makes it unique, and allows it to be the most sought after species by hunters across our nation and neighbors both south and north of our borders.
Hunting strategies may vary slightly from one area to another, but certain strategies work no matter where we choose to pursue our passion. First and foremost the Whitetail is basically an edge animal. This means they spend a lot of their life in transition areas between cover and feeding opportunities. Even in big woods, you will find deer relating to mature oak flats and clearcut areas
A Pop-Up Ground Blind Setup To Hunt The Edge Of Tree Line.
These edges offer a great location to intercept the Whitetail in all phases of the fall and winter season; Pre-rut, Rut and Post Rut. These transition areas also allow for some great setups, with both treestand, and popup blinds that are guaranteed to lead to success if located strategically.
In setting up my stands and blinds,I first consider the prevailing wind in relation to known trails and travel patterns. Also I look for a position that will be out of the main siteline of approaching deer. I am also a believer in brushing in my stands and blinds with surrounding vegetation.
I have included several pictures of my setups to demonstrate my location and brushing in on my chosen ambush site. I use zip ties to tie small trees or bushes to my stands, and use brush ties on pop up blinds, and/or zip tie brush to the hubs of the blinds. Using hard blinds, I will drill holes and install eye bolts around the blind again so I can zip tie brush or limbs.
Locating these edge areas and hunting them strategically as covered in this article will allow you to have a high degree of success in your hunting pursuit. Give it a try !
Brush that is wired and tied together to create a ground blind that works well in the fall and winter. Here, it is in the snow.
A Ladderstand in the woods that is overlooking deer trails.
This 2 person Ladderstand with two persons is camouflaged by the foliage of the spring woods. This is an effective set-up for a hunter with someone that videos.
A ground blind using limbs, leaves and some camouflage fabric.

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