SRS-X Elite Buttstock Weight

MDT Sporting Goods Ltd. Announces a New Weight for the SRS-X Elite buttstock.

MDT is excited to announce the launch of our new SRS-X Elite Buttstock Weight.

This weight is designed to fit the new MDT SRS-X Elite buttstock, found on the MDT ACC Elite. It will add about 0.75 lb to the rear of your rifle in order to properly balance your chassis system. As the weight is fairly far from the standard center of gravity of the chassis, it has a profound effect on balance and is recommended for competitors wanting to offset the weight of an MTU/Straight barrel or heavier muzzle device.

The weight is specific to the corresponding pocket on the SRS-X Elite and attaches via 2x #10-24 screws from the backside of the weight, via the buttstock. It has clearance built in for cheek riser guide rods and shouldn’t affect any other functions of the buttstock when installed. It will replace one of the buttstock jellies and cannot be used in conjunction with all 5 of that set.

The SRS-X Elite MDT Buttstock Weight is now available at a price of $79.95 USD. SKU 106846-BLK

Details can be found at

ABOUT MDT Sporting Goods Ltd.

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