SnapSafe® Introduces Multi-Use Magnetic Accessories For Gun Safes And Beyond

Grand Island, NE (January 25, 2023) – Everyone needs more storage space and organization without requiring major purchases or remodeling. SnapSafe® is proud to introduce several convenient and affordable accessories to help keep gear organized, maximize storage space, and increase the functionality of gun safes.

SnapSafe Magnetic Hook can be positioned on any exterior edge of any gun safe (or any other metal surface!) It has two rubber-coated prongs to hold range bags, binoculars, backpacks, etc. It’s magnetic, so it is easily able to reposition or move wherever it is needed. This little hook does significant work, rated to hold up to 15 pounds. At an MSRP of just $21.99, it’s an affordable, easy, and quick solution for any hanging storage needs.

SnapSafe Magnetic Gun Mount features a compact design and includes mounting hardware to attach securely to any surface. A rubberized coating protects firearms from scratches. Powerful, rare-earth magnets, rated to hold up to 43 lbs., keep firearms secured and safe until they are needed. The magnetic gun mount provides a discreet way to secure firearms under desks, tables, or even against a bedside table, ensuring rapid access wherever–and whenever– needed. 

SnapSafe Magnetic Swivel Hooks (Two-Pack) provides an instant and easy way to add storage space anywhere they can be attached. These little hooks are worth their weight in gold. Perfect for holding smaller items inside a gun safe or anywhere you can imagine! Powerful, 1 1/4” rare earth magnets attach securely to any metal surface and are easily moved or repositioned. Use one on the exterior of a kitchen appliance to conveniently hang a potholder or dish towel. Put one inside work, school, or gym locker to hold bags or jackets. These little hooks work overtime to bring organization game to the next level.  

SnapSafe magnetic accessories are designed to complement and maximize the space inside our gun safes. Additionally, they provide quick and easy access to gear while helping to keep it securely organized. Customers will find them helpful in the garage, kitchen, or anywhere needed for additional storage space at an affordable price.

SnapSafe® is owned by Hornady® Manufacturing, a family-owned, third-generation business that has been designing, machining and producing bullets, ammunition, reloading products and security products since 1949.

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