Save 15% Off All Maven Optics and Accessories Right Now

The Maven C.4 binos are perfect for western big game hunts. Maven

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Maven is offering 15% off all optics and accessories during their site-wide sale going on now. Hunters and shooters will be able to score deals on binoculars, spotting scopes, rifle scopes, rangefinders, and more. I used the B.6 10X50 binos paired with the CS.1A spotting scope last fall on an elk and mule deer hunt in the Rockies. I was impressed with the lightweight design and the wide field of view on the B.6 binos. The compact CS.1A spotter was perfect for these backcountry hunts, and it lived on the side of my pack all week. Maven is also offering great deals on other optics and accessories. The sale runs now through Friday, March 31.

The author glassing a herd of elk with the Maven CS.1A spotting scope. Ryan Chelius

Great Deals on Maven Optics


B1.2 8X42 ($807.50)

B1.2 10X42 ($850)

B.2 9X45 ($977.50)

B.3 6X30 ($446.25)

B.3 8X30 ($467.50)

B.3 10X30 ($488.75)

B.5 10X56 ($1232.50)

B.6 10X50 ($892.50)

C.1 8X42 ($340)

C.2 7X28 ($191.25)

C.3 10X50 ($403.75)

C.4 15X56 ($595)

Spotting Scopes

S.1S 25-50X80 ($1870)

S.1A 25-50X80 ($1870)

S.2 12-27X56 ($892.50)

CS.1A 15-45X65 ($680)

CS.1S 15-45X65 ($680)

Rifle Scopes

RS.1 2.5-15X44 ($1020)

RS.2 2-10X38 SPF ($467.50)

RS.3 5-30X50 ($1020)

RS3.2 5-30X50 ($1360)

RS.4 5-30X56 ($1530)

RS.5 4-24X50 ($1190)

CRS.1 3-12X40 ($382.50)


RF.1 7×25 ($382.50)

CRF.1 6X22 ($250.75)

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