Rossi USA Expands R95 Line With The Launch of the R95 45-70 Government Model in 16.5″, 20″, and 22″ Barrel Options

Rossi USA, a pioneer in firearm design and innovation, proudly introduces the latest addition to its esteemed R95 series – the Rossi R95 45-70 Government model. 

Key Features of the Rossi R95 45-70 Government Model:

Hammer Forged Barrel: The cold hammer forged barrel enhances accuracy while preserving the longevity of the rifle. Shooters can rely on consistent performance from the first to the ten-thousandth shot.

Compatible with Common Aftermarket Parts: Lever guns are in high demand, and Rossi has collaborated with major aftermarket companies to ensure compatibility with the latest and best grips, rails, and accessories at the launch of the R95.

Smooth, Hand-Finished Lever Action: Experience the timeless and aesthetically pleasing feeling of a smooth lever action. The hand-finished action adds a touch of classic elegance to every round chambered.

Large Loading Gate: Designed for convenience and safety, the R95’s larger loading gate ensures easy access during loading and reloading, eliminating the risk of pinching.

5+1 Capacity: The R95 45-70 Government model boasts a 5-round tube magazine, providing shooters with a reliable and ample firepower solution. Additionally, one round can be chambered for a total capacity of 6 rounds.

Hardwood Walnut Finish: Crafted with precision and care, the hardwood walnut forend and stock perfectly complement the deep blue finish, embodying the classic combination of steel and wood.

Drilled and Tapped Scope Mount for Optics: The R95 is factory-drilled and tapped for optics, using 8-40 screws, allowing for easy installation of common mounts and enhancing the firearm’s versatility.

Available in three barrel lengths – 16.5 inches20 inches, and 22 inches – the Rossi R95 45-70 Government model offers shooters the flexibility to choose the configuration that best suits their needs, whether it be for hunting, sport shooting, or general outdoor use.

“We are thrilled to introduce the Rossi R95 45-70 Government model, expanding our R95 line to provide shooters with a powerful and customizable lever-action rifle,” said Jorge Spat, Product Manager. “With its classic aesthetics, advanced features, and multiple barrel length options, the R95 45-70 Government is designed to meet the diverse needs of firearm enthusiasts.”

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About Rossi USA

The Rossi revolution of firearm design and manufacture started with the founding of the company in 1889 by Amadeo Rossi. For the past 120 years, the tradition of innovation grew along with the company and the Rossi family. Today, as part of Taurus Holdings®, a Rossi firearm still features the same dedication and innovation in every firearm. Rossi looks forward to providing its customers with the next generation of great firearms. For more information about Rossi Firearms, a Division of BrazTech International, visit

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