How Fast is Your Bow, Really? The Garmin Xero Chronograph tells all.

Garmin has stolen home plate from baseball.  Ever wonder how broadcasters know the speed of a pitch, a throw to first base, or a batted ball?  Radar devices detect speed, and Garmin has taken radar technology and put it in your hand with the new Xero C1 Pro Chronograph.


“We are backordered 30,000 units,” said the Garmin representative at the recent ATA Show.  “The launch has been extremely positive.”  Traditional chronographs can be complicated with sensors you must shoot through without shooting the device.  The Xero C1 Pro is dramatically simpler.

From 100 to 5,000 Feet Per Second

Instead of shooting through a chronograph’s sensors, radar captures the speed of any object moving near this device measuring from 100 fps up to 5,000 which means it can be used for archery or firearms.  Best of all, you can shoot beside the device instead of over it.  Data from each shot appears through an ap on your smartphone showing the speed and kinetic energy of your shot.

Did you ever wonder how much speed your arrows lose at various ranges?  If an arrow leaves the bow at 350 fps, how fast is it traveling at 20 yards or 40? How much does adding 50 grains to your broadhead slow the arrow.  How does increased weight affect kinetic energy?  All of these things can be discovered with the aid of this cool new device.  It’s so versatile, the cops will be jealous.  Check out the video.