Robert Hoague Deer Season Bowhunt 2022

As the Fedex truck drove out of sight I opened up the Centerpoint Wrath 430X crossbow packaging and realized that it was not assembled. I phoned Cabela’s archery department to get an appointment to get it put together and set up. Unfortunately, the archery Tech was out for a couple of days.

So I Googled “Centerpoint archery” and that led me to links on YouTube with information about this particular crossbow as well as instructions for proper assembly and tuning. Frankly, I’m not very mechanically minded but usually I can follow instructions. As I watched a few “How To” assembly videos I had a little good luck. My hunting buddy Richey Hayes arrived to hunt deer for a few days and checked in with me.

He took one look at the crossbow parts and said he could put it together. And he was correct.

Richey reviewed the written instructions put together the major parts of the Centerpoint Archery Wrath 430X. Next he connected the stock and rails and tightened them up.

Then he bolted down the limbs in place. The Centerpoint Wrath 430X shoots 430 feet per second and has an inverted cam design that delivers up to 164 foot pounds of kinetic energy, with devastating impact. The axle to axle is a slim 9 inches when cocked and has a folding stock and stirrup, the Wrath 430X is one of the most compact crossbows on the market.

The crossbow came with a Scope Sight and Richey mounted it in place. Then he went over everything and made sure all the parts and sections were put together correctly.

A ‘Silent Crank” was included and he installed and tested it.

I’ve never used a crossbow Crank before and he uncocked the crank and told me to cock it. I didn’t know what to expect but, nevertheless, was surprised to learn that it was relatively easy to turn the crank handle.

The crank procedure seated the crossbow bolts perfectly in the shooting mechanism.

Richey took three shots and then went over the entire crossbow to be certain everything was still ok. Then he made the appropriate adjustments to the Scope Sight and moved the impact point of the bolt over to where two inch wide stripes crossed in the target’s middle.

Earlier, Richie had me buy a BOG POD from and after I fired a few shots he showed me how to use it. The BOG POD is amazing, it has tripod legs that are simple to adjust to the height you need it to be.

The top of the unit tightens on the crossbow body and holds it perfectly in place. And it’s design features allow you to move the crossbow left and right as well as up and down.

After a little practice I was pleased with how well the setup Richey did for the Wrayth 430X had me shooting.

Indeed, I was ready to take this crossbow deerhunting.

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