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Nothing improves accuracy like a solid rest.  You can have a gun or bow that shoots dime-size groups at 1,000 yards, but if you lack a steady base, accuracy suffers.  I bought a Final Rest Grip-N-Rip for an African safari and the Professional Hunter loved it so much, he would not let it return.  I quickly ordered another and have nothing but praise for the unit that functions like five tools in one.

Four leg sections and an additional post allow full stand-up shooting.

Stand-Up Shooting

Off-hand shooting is the least accurate position, yet in thick cover, it may be the only option.  African hunters have used a tripod of wooden “sticks” for generations and American hunters are learning how effective they can be.  Carry the Final Rest fully extended at optimal moments and a shot that was normally too far can become dead solid. It transfers from 17.5 inches of steadiness up to 58 inches.

Solid clamps and smooth operation.

Solid, Smooth Sliding

“You can tell the caliber of a photographer by the quality of his tripod” a saying goes because a solid, quality tripod yields sharp images at long range.  The same is true for hunting rests.  Legs lock solidly, are easily adjustable for uneven terrain, and operate with ease.  Cheap tripods quickly fill with dirt and debris causing them to jam, but even the “light” version of the Final Rest Grip-N-Rip tripod operates easily and quietly.

Large Mouth Grip

You can practically kick a field goal through the locking jaws of the Final Rest.  Large adjustment knobs make altering the width quick and easy.  They will accommodate most rifles and crossbows giving the shooter a rock-solid rest.  Because the rest locks onto the stock, the tripod not only eliminates up-and-down movement but side-to-side as well.  Slide the stock into the jaws of this vice on a tripod and you have both hands free to work a call, use binoculars, or catch a breather.

Use a single post for maximum movement and flexibility.

Single Post Option

When using a tripod, you naturally think of three legs, yet sometimes using one works well.  In a tree stand, as a stander on a deer drive, or anytime you expect to move your gun or bow quickly, having a single post rest provides maximum movement flexibility while still taking the bounce out of your sight picture.  Sitting in a blind, the single post allows you to pivot your bow into the shooting window with little movement and extra accuracy during the shot.

Quick Shooting Table

I travel with my crossbows often and always wonder how vibration from hunting and travel affects the scope sighting.  Usually, this means setting up a portable shooting table, but no more.  Now I use the Final Rest Grip-N-Rip Lite tripod, using the built-in bubble level to assure the rest is true.  Usually, I take one confirming shot or make a couple of clicks and I’m sure that my bow is dead-on.  The Final Rest tripod allows me to effortlessly stay in tune.

Portability is Important

Many crossbow and firearm hunters don’t carry a portable rest because they don’t live up to their name.  They can be bulky, the legs stick, and become a pain to use forcing many to use a fence post or nearby branch to steady their shot.  The Final Rest solves this problem for all the reasons above.  Mine slides easily into the side pocket of my pack and can be quickly set up.  Regardless of what you shoot, accuracy is more important than arrow speed, broadhead selection, or caliber.  You want the most accurate shot possible in a hunting situation and the Final Rest becomes your best hunting buddy. 

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