Remington Ammunition Awarded U.S. Navy Contract for AO23

The U.S. Navy has selected Remington Ammunition as a contract awardee for 12-gauge slug duty shotgun loads.

“Remington is striving to expand its presence in military requirements, and this is truly a historic win for our brand,” said David Kline, Remington’s Technical Director for Military & Law Enforcement Ammunition. “Remington is dedicated to innovation, and quality, all while staying true to the company’s legendary heritage and stature as an American icon.”

The cartridge selected during the five-year contract term is the AO23 12-gauge, 2-3/4-inch, 1-ounce Rifled Lead Slug. The ordering period is for a total of five years. The ammunition will be produced by Remington at the Lonoke, Arkansas facility.

“We continue to find ways to improve rifled slug accuracy and performance for law enforcement and military,” continued Kline. “This large government contract awarded to Remington speaks volumes to the trust the United States military has in our American workforce assembling the best products for our servicemen and servicewomen.”

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