Realtree Outdoors Partners with Sports Radio 680 The Fan on 93.7FM, Amplifying Georgia-Based Company’s Reach during Prime Seasons

Realtree, the premier name in camo, outdoor lifestyle, hunting apparel, and accessories, is thrilled to announce an innovative media agreement with Sports Radio 680 The Fan on 93.7FM, Atlanta’s leading sports radio station. This media campaign not only reaffirms Realtree’s commitment to its home state of Georgia, but also presents a unique opportunity to connect with Georgia residents during the peak seasons of hunting and major sporting events.

As a proud Georgia-based company, Realtree has been at the forefront of the outdoor industry for close to four decades, providing innovative camouflage patterns, hunting gear, and lifestyle products that empower outdoor enthusiasts to fully experience nature. By teaming up with some of the broadcast station’s key personalities, including former University of Georgia quarterback (and avid outdoorsman), Hutson Mason, Realtree gains the unique advantage of reaching their local community during key times of the year when enthusiasm for outdoor activities and sports is at its peak.

The media plan resulting from this exciting collaboration will strategically coincide with Realtree’s seasonal business, particularly the highly anticipated deer hunting season. This period is a pinnacle for outdoor enthusiasts, and Realtree aims to capture the excitement and connect with their target audience during this time.

Furthermore, the collaboration with Sports Radio 680 The Fan on 93.7FM allows Realtree to align its brand with other major sporting events that captivate Georgia residents. The program will span across the baseball playoffs, college football, and the commencement of the NFL season, creating an extended period of engagement and exposure for Realtree.

“This collaboration opens up remarkable avenues for us to engage with our local community and emphasize our commitment to serving our wonderful customers here in Georgia, said Bill Jordan, Founder and CEO of Realtree Outdoors. “By leveraging the seasonal synergy between hunting and the excitement surrounding various sports events, we aim to create a deeper connection with our fellow hunters and sports fans, share the Realtree experience, and promote the fact that our company was founded, and resides, right here in the great state of Georgia.”

Sports Radio 680 The Fan on 93.7FM, is a prominent voice in the sports media landscape, boasts a diverse and passionate listener base, with a strong presence in the Atlanta metro area. The station’s captivating content, covering a wide range of sports topics, perfectly resonates with Georgia residents, making it an ideal platform for Realtree to showcase its products, values, and dedication to the outdoor lifestyle.

Through this media agreement, Realtree will have access to prime advertising spots, on-air mentions, and engaging branded content segments strategically placed during the hunting season, baseball playoffs, college football games, and the start of the NFL season. By leveraging the reach and influence of Sports Radio 680 The Fan on 93.7FM, Realtree Outdoors aims to inspire adventure, foster community, and build lasting connections with fellow Georgians who share a passion for the great outdoors and sports.

This program pairs an iconic outdoor lifestyle brand and sports media powerhouse. By capitalizing on the seasonal excitement and shared enthusiasm for hunting and sports, Realtree is set to create unique experiences that resonate with Georgia residents and solidify its position as a beloved Georgia-based company.

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