Pope and Young Announces Record Book Benefit Auction

Museum Artifacts to Benefit New Record Book Edition

Pope and Young has long been the voice for Bowhunters who choose to pursue North American big game animals, under rules of Fair Chase, with a bow and arrow. Bowhunting is not just in our blood, it is a passion that we hope to share with others who can learn our traditions, while helping us evolve with new ideas and concepts; ensuring that bowhunting remains strong in the future. We want you to be part of our heritage and help Preserve, Protect, and Promote bowhunting, and our organization, for future generations.

Every six years, the club publishes the most complete and accurate record book of North American big game animals taken with a bow and arrow. In 2023, we will produce the 9th edition of our record book, which will be a two-book series, documenting over 120,000 animals taken by Bowhunters since the early 1900’s. This document serves as the official data base for many game and fish departments who utilize the information for game management purposes, while serving as proof that the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation works.

Pope and Young is proud to announce their Record Book Benefit Auction that will include some incredible bowhunting artifacts from the Pope and Young Museum. With all proceeds from the auction going to support the publication of 9th Edition Record Book, you’re not only adding to your bowhunting collection, but making a substantial difference in the history of bowhunting. With bidding now live, go online to register, and place your bid HERE. Bidding will go through February 28th, so make sure and get your bid in on these once in a lifetime items. 

The Pope and Young Club has evolved from not only a record keeping organization, but also a strong conservation organization that deeply cares about habitat and its wildlife.  We continually work with other conservation organizations, wildlife agencies, and industry leaders by providing our records (data points). Subsequently, this data is often used and seen all over the world by not only Club members, but the hunting public who wants to view ‘the book.’

Make plans to join Pope and Young in Reno, Nevada April 12-15th for their 33rd Biennial Convention. If you’re planning to attend, you must be registered by March 31st to guarantee banquet tickets. With the rising cost of food and beverage, and tickets in such high demand for the 32nd Biennial Convention in 2022, the hard cutoff date to register for this upcoming convention is March 31st. Register now at, https://pope-young.org/33rd-Biennial-Convention.

About Pope and Young:
Pope and Young is North America’s leading bowhunting conservation organization. If you are a fair chase, ethical bowhunter, and you care about preserving the culture and future of bowhunting, then you belong to the Pope and Young. Join today at www.pope-young.org.

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