Outdoor Specialty Media Group acquires Crossbow Magazine

Outdoor Specialty Media Group (OSMG) announces the acquisition of Crossbow Magazine, the premier  publication covering this rapidly growing segment of the Archery market. Crossbow Magazine  Founder/Publisher Todd Bromley will stay on as Vice President of Content and Product. He noted “this  partnership will allow the magazine to utilize vastly more resources and new technology. My dream is to see  this grow to its full potential, and we are extremely happy to join this family of digital outdoor magazine  brands”. Immediate plans include a redesigned website (www.crossbowmagazine.com) , new digital e newsletter, including the magazine and its archives in the Outdoor Specialty Media APP, adding more and  varied content about hunting with crossbows, and aggressive social media campaigning supplemented by the  existing brands within Outdoor Specialty Media Group.  

OSMG Publisher/CEO Bill Brod states “We are very happy to come alongside Todd and his team to help to  grow this outstanding publication and focus on this fast-growing market. Our stable of content creators is  increasingly hunting with both vertical bows and crossbows and will provide a big boost to the content in  

Crossbow Magazine. This is a perfect compliment to our North American Bow Hunter magazine, which has  focused mostly on the use of vertical bows.”  

Crossbow magazine was founded in 2010 and has become the preeminent authority on the use of crossbows  in varied hunting situations in North America and around the world. It is filled with product reviews of new Designs and accessories, and tips to make the user a more effective hunter. Their team is stocked with real  world crossbow hunters and enthusiasts.  

Both magazines will have representation at upcoming shows including ATA and SHOT, appointments are now  being scheduled to meet at the show or ahead of the event.

For more information contact: Todd Bromley – VP Content and Product at tbrom@live.com 724-977-9328  Bill Brod – Publisher/CEO at billb@outdoorspecialtymedia.com 315-883-2021 

About Outdoor Specialty Media Group – www.outdoorspecialtymedia.com 

NORTH AMERICAN DEER HUNTER is the authority on hunting the most popular big game animal in North America, the whitetail deer, plus other  species of big game from around the world. Readers will have access to passionate, skilled hunters and be able to learn from their experiences in all  aspects of Big Game hunting. We’ll share the latest in gear and techniques from the world’s finest manufacturers with our expert reviews and  insightful training resources to help make you a more skilled, successful hunter. NORTH AMERICAN OUTDOORSMAN is the window into the  outside environment for readers pursuing their passions in hunting, fishing, camping, canoeing/kayaking, rock climbing, and all pursuits in the  outdoors on the North American continent. We will present stories, tips and techniques to be a better outdoorsman, and be completely at home in  the outdoor environment for a day, week, or a lifetime. NORTH AMERICAN BOW HUNTER will help you be the hunter you always dreamed of  becoming by providing advice and insight on all aspects of bow hunting. Each issue is filled with practical tips from recognized experts, product  innovations from the leading manufacturers, and advice on techniques to be a successful hunter. Plus, gear reviews and equipment tests that give  readers the best insight into the vast world of bowhunting. 

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