Number Of Feral Hogs Per State

Feral Hog Numbers in All 50 States

Here’s a list of the wild feral hog populations by each state for all USA states:

Alabama: 250,000
Alaska: none
Arizona: 1,000
Arkansas: 200,000
California: 400,000
Colorado: none
Connecticut: none
Delaware: none
Florida: 500,000
Georgia: 600,000
Hawaii: 400,000
Idaho: none
Illinois: 20
Indiana: 1,000
Iowa: 1,000
Kansas: 400
Kentucky: 2,000
Louisiana: 750,000
Maine: unknown
Maryland: none
Massachusetts: none
Michigan: 5,000
Minnesota: none
Mississippi: 200,000
Missouri: 100,000
Montana: none
Nebraska: none
Nevada: unknown
New Hampshire: unknown
New Jersey: 1,000
New Mexico: 500,000
New York: none
North Carolina: 100,000
North Dakota: none
Ohio: 2,000
Oklahoma: 1,500,000
Oregon: 5,000
Pennsylvania: 3,000
Rhode Island: none
South Carolina: 450,000
South Dakota: none
Tennessee: unknown
Texas: 3,000,000
Utah: unknown
Vermont: none
Virginia: 3,000
Washington: unknown but sighted in eastern counties
West Virginia: 1,000
Wisconsin: 1,000
Wyoming: none

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