NRO Flip-Kat: Changing the Kayak World Forever

The Flip-Kat is a portable kayak designed with a built-in pedal system and a chair that also serves as a leaning post. The Flip-Kat came about from a personal experience of living on the coast with no access to convenient, on-site storage for kayaks. This meant that in order to enjoy time on the water in a kayak, there was extensive transportation to and from expensive storage facilities required. A simple afternoon of fishing at the marina could easily turn into hours spent in traffic going to and from the storage facility. No one wants to have to sacrifice a day of enjoyment because it is too inconvenient, so with that the Flip-Kat was born. 

What is the Flip-Kat?

The Flip-Kat is a portable kayak that is portable, stable, and easily storable. The Flip-Kat is the first portable kayak that is made by serious sportsmen for serious sportsmen. The Flip-Kat is more stable, more comfortable, and performs as well as a standard kayak while taking up a fraction of the space. The Flip-Kat’s 4-foot-wide deck and 11-foot-long catamaran hull is designed to be large enough for comfort, durable enough to get you through choppy water, and then when you get home it can be folded small enough to fit in the standard closet. When folded, you can fit up to two Flip-Kat’s in the back of a large SUV. This makes the Flip-Kat perfect for an adventurer or anyone who lives an on-the-go lifestyle. The Flip-Kat is proudly made in the USA.

Features of the Flip-Kat 

Portable and Storable

Some of the most important features of the Flip-Kats are its portability and storability. Set up, the Flip-Kat is 4 feet wide and 11 feet long. Folded, the Flip-Kat is 2 feet wide and 5 feet long which makes it perfect for storing in any garage, closet, or shed. Even if you live in a smaller space such as a condo or an apartment, you will still have plenty of space to store your Flip-Kat. No need to worry about renting a storage unit, just store your Flip-Kat in any closet and when you are ready to use it, take it out, pop on the quick attach wheel system, and you are ready to go. Planning a road trip? No problem. This easy to store kayak fits easily in any SUV, UTV, truck, or RV. You can also purchase our Flip-Kat hatch rack which will allow you to fit an additional two Flip-Kats on the back of your vehicle. You don’t need a trailer to transport your Flip-Kats like you would with Kayaks. In two minutes you can have your Flip-Kat set up and ready to hit the water. 

Chair and Leaning Post

You can spend  hours out on the water thanks to Flip-Kat’s ergonomically designed, adjustable chair system that can be converted from a comfortable multi position seat to a stand-up leaning post. The chair/leaning post has 6 adjustable height positions and 9 tilt positions to create up to 54 different standing and sitting positions. This adjustability allows Flip-Kat to be adaptable to different types of people and to maximize its users comfort. The adjustable chair has a built-in cup holder, a tool slot, and a T-Track System for attaching rod holders, paddles, and other accessories. When the chair is extended to a leaning post you have a sturdy position for all of your standing activities. This feature is what makes the Flip-Kat stand out against everything else on the market. 

Stable Deck

The Flip-Kat’s large 4-foot wide deck gives you plenty of room to stand up and move around without worrying about falling into the water. If you do decide that you want to take a dip in the water, the attached pull-down step system will help you get back on deck with ease. 

Quiet Pedal Drive

The Flip-Kat’s whisper quiet pedal drive is unlike anything else on the market. It is fully integrated into the Flip-Kat design and its unique belt driven design gives it power without the noise. The Flip-Kat’s adjustability allows for multiple positions in the pedal drive and creates a spot for everyone. The auto-kick up prop shaft means no more problems with shallow water, logs, or rocks. 

Activities best suited for the Flip-Kat

There are a ton of things you can do with the Flip-Kat! Below are some activities that are best suited for the Flip-Kat:

Rescue & Wildlife Enforcement

The stability of the Flip-Kat makes it perfect for rescue efforts and wildlife enforcement. Because it can be stored almost anywhere and set-up quickly, it can be accessed and utilized quickly when the need arises. The additional stability of the catamaran design makes the Flip-Kat more secure than the traditional kayak; which can be a huge asset, especially if you are in a situation that involves panicked people or animals. The Flip-Kat’s four sealed pontoons keeping it afloat makes it significantly more reliable in rougher water situations. The adjustability of the seat and pedal drive allows users to sit higher, which gives them a better vantage point than a traditional kayak. This increased visibility can be the difference between life and death in a situation where someone needs help.

Hunting and Fishing

The stability of the Flip-Kat makes it the perfect fishing kayak and hunting kayak, keeping you sturdy whether you are trying to hook a fish or shoot a duck. In the standing position with the leaning post you have the support you need for activities like fly fishing. For bow fishing or duck hunting the chair can be relined into a convenient 45 degree position. 

Adventure and Recreation

The Flip-Kat is perfect for a day on the water with friends and family. Enjoy the sun and the water all day long. The stability of the Flip-Kat makes it perfect for anyone of any age, whether you are young or old, you can feel comfortable and secure on the water with the Flip-Kat. The comfortability of the different sitting and standing positions will allow you to explore and try new things all day long!

Flip-Kat competitors

The number one competitor to the Flip-Kat is your standard kayaks. Kayaks are large, hard to store, bulky, and cramped. While they are a great option if you want to be outdoors and on the  water, you don’t have the flexibility to get up, move around, and do different things like you do with the Flip-Kat. If you do get up and move around, you’re probably going to end up in the water. Other foldable kayaks on the market have an inflatable design, which makes them much less stable and secure than the Flip-Kat. The Flip-Kat is patented and one of a kind.

The Noisy River Flip-Kat started as a solution to the out-dated and inconvenient kayak market. Our founder wanted a kayak that was rugged and stable, but also that could be folded easily into a closet or an elevator. With Fli-Kat, gone are the days of trekking back and forth from the car to the water to get your kayak setup, especially if you have multiple. The Fip-Kat is a portable kayak whose large deck, adjustable chair, and ample storage make it the perfect kayak for fishing, hunting, photography, and much more.   Best of all, the Flip-Kat is suitable for anyone of any age, so the whole family can enjoy it! Interested in learning more about Flip-Kat? Contact our team today.

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