New Products Tease in The Latest Episode of Deer Eater Podcast

Deer Eater podcast host Jason Say and Josh Kinser are back with a brand-new episode. Say and Kinser recorded the most recent episode of the popular podcast live from the 2023 ATA Showroom floor.

In the recent episode, co-hosts Say and Kinser invites their good friend Mark from Moultrie into the booth to share some teasers on two exciting new products from Moultrie. Jason visits with Mark and lets him share a few memories of Mark’s nine-year-old daughter’s past season, in which she was fortunate enough to harvest a mature Alabama whitetail buck. After sharing their past experiences, Say and Mark share some features of Moultrie’s new Edge Pro cellular camera. The new camera features Moultrie’s ability to find the strongest cellular signals without a phone carrier contract and no SD cards needed. Next, Josh Kinser talks to Mark about the Moultrie’s new Ranch Series of feeders that feature a unique auger design that provides waterproof feed and the ability to keep away small critters, such as those pesky raccoons that anyone who has ever used feed, hates.

Later in the episode, the new product teasers continue when Jason grabs Big and J and Swagger Bipods Aaron Keller to discuss Big and J and Swagger’s plans for the 2023 season. Keller shares an exciting new product from Swagger Bipods. This company has recently made big waves in the predator-hunting world with the original Swaggers and more recent models such as the QD series. Say and Keller spill the beans on the upcoming launch of a new tripod-design rest named, The Coyote Vice. The new design will feature a quick-release gun grip and a rock-steady tripod design that will benefit all hunters and shooters. The Coyote Vice is scheduled to be available to the public later in the spring of 2023.

Staying on the trend of new product sneak peeks, Keller shares that Big and J products will feature a new look this year, including a new collab with the Bone Collector, Michael Waddell. Keller explains how the new signature Bone Collector formula was inspired by Waddell and his past years of success with Big and J products. As a bonus, Keller shares that by scanning a QR code on the new packaging, hunters can enter a drawing to win a future deer hunt with Waddell. The podcast doesn’t stop there; it also covers other giveaways and prizes that Big and J has planned for the 2023 season.

As always, Say and Kinser bring another informative and action-packed episode of Deer Eater for listeners to hear on multiple podcast platforms. 

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