NEW Easton 5MM Legacy Fred Eichler Signature Arrow Introduced

One hundred years ago in 1922, Doug Easton began creating the finest hand-crafted custom bows and cedar arrows in his garage in Watsonville, California. Today, there’s no better testament to Doug’s unmatched legacy of quality and innovation than the NEW 5mm Carbon Legacy Fred Eichler Signature Edition.  Easton has partnered with renowned bowhunter Fred Eichler to create the world’s finest traditional hunting arrow to date. The new Carbon Legacy combines an exotic, dark teakwood finish, a high-visibility white dip, and hand-feather fletched craftsmanship. These features marry perfectly with the Easton-engineered 5mm carbon shaft to optimize in-the-field performance for today’s traditional archers.

Constructed with the utmost attention to detail, Legacy pays tribute to the history of archery with its realistic woodgrain finish, hand-dipped white cresting, and barred feathers. Built-in five spines, from 340 to 700 to match any traditionalist shooter’s custom tune, the finger-friendly nocks, and 4” left-helical natural turkey feather fletching provides for ideal arrow flight and delivers results on game or in the field. HIT components and Easton 5mm X Nocks are included.

To pick up a set of Easton Fred Eichler 5mm Carbon Legacy contact your local authorized Easton dealer.  For more information, visit

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