NEW At The 2023 ATA Archery Trade Show

The 2023 ATA Show is in the rear view mirror. As always, many companies within the archery industry introduced new products at the show. Below are a few of the products that created some buzz.


Crossbow speeds continue to get faster which can be a big problem for crossbow hunters because many broadheads won’t fly true out of today’s extremely fast crossbows. Grim Reaper
Broadheads have solved that problem with the Pro Series Crossbow Broadhead. With this
broadhead, bowhunters don’t have to worry about broadhead blades opening during flight. The
Pro Series crossbow broadhead has been tested at speeds beyond 400 FPS and the blades remain closed. This 3-blade broadhead is available with a 1.5-inch cutting diameter or a 2-inch cutting diameter. To learn more, visit


Morrell Transformer Target

Morrell Targets is proud to introduce the new Transformer 3D deer target. The Transformer 3D
target is unlike any target currently on the market. For starters, the vital area/midsection on the
new Transformer 3D target is made of High Roller foam. It is a stand alone target. Bowhunters
often shoot at a 3D target when they are shooting in the backyard. When they head to deer camp, they bring a portable target. The Transformer target is two targets in one. When it is time to head to deer camp, the vital area/midsection can be removed from the 3D target and brought to camp.

The removable target comes with a handle that is lightweight and easy to transport.
“The Transformer target eliminates the need for bowhunters to buy multiple targets,” Tanner
Morrell noted. “Now bowhunters can simply remove the midsection from their Transformer 3D
target and head to camp. Best of all, the target is made using our popular High Roller foam,
which bowhunters love.” Learn more at


Pine Ridge Archery launched the Kwik Stand in 2017 to meet the demand of archers throughout
the industry to help keep their bows standing upright and protected. In 2019, they updated the
Kwik Stand to be more compatible by making the jaws adjustable to fit more limb sizes.  With a
lightweight frame and very simple adjustments the Kwik Stand fits on most bow limbs. The legs
adjust to allow for the best balance angle for your bow.

As the crossbow market has continued to grow, Pine Ridge wanted to continue to provide for all
aspects of the archery market with their made in the USA stamp of approval.   Crossbow
shooters now have a solution to keep their crossbows limbs and cams off the ground and out of
the dirt.

Pine Ridge Archery Kwik Stand

The new Kwik Stand Rail Mount is made of high-density nylon and can stay attached
to the crossbow during any shot with no added vibration.  The mounting bolt keeps the rail
mount snug & secure while you trek through any and all terrain.  The new Kwik Stand Rail
Mount will attach to any picatinny rail system, which allows it to be more versatile than just the
crossbow market. Pine Ridge also envisions it being used in the AR market by replacing those
heavy bi-pods being used.

Pine Ridge offers a package deal that will include a black Kwik Stand & the new Rail Mount.
Already have a Kwik Stand? Pine Ridge also offers just the Rail Mount for those who already
have their Kwik Stand. Learn more at


The XV arrow rest from Schaffer Performance Archery is unlike any arrow rest on the market
and has many great features including dual-jaw technology. With dual-jaw technology, the arrow
is cradled between two jaws. When the arrow is released, the jaws glide to the left and right,
quickly getting out of the way. This state-of-the-art technology allows the arrow to stay in
contact with the rest longer, resulting in better downrange accuracy.

The XV Arrow Rest offers hands-free operation and it can be shot in the open or closed position. The rest comes with a push button that allows the archer to lock the arrow in place before the shot. With the XV, there is no shake or wobble, making it a great rest for the treestand or spot-and-stalk hunter. Best of all, this arrow rest can handle arrow speeds in excess of 400 FPS and is made in America. Learn more at


Calling in mature bucks by grunting on a grunt tube can be very difficult. Grunting doesn’t
always sound realistic. In the wild when a buck grunts, he is often on the move. A buck rarely
stands still during the rut. They are always on the move and always making noise. The Tree
Thrasher is a call that can be used by itself or in conjunction with a grunt tube to mimic the
sounds deer make in the wild.

The Tree Thrasher is the ultimate 3-in-1 deer call. The Tree Thrasher is used to mimic sound of
leaves rustling as a deer walks through the woods or makes a scrape, mimic the sound of a buck
rubbing a tree, and mimic the sound of a branch breaking. The Tree Thrasher works perfectly in
tandem with a grunt tube to complete the ultimate, realistic calling sequence. It attracts bucks
and does.

Using a Tree Thrasher can cause a buck to quickly run into a hunting setup in search of the deer
he just heard making all the noise. To learn more, visit

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