Millennium® Buck Hut 180 Provides Comfort and Concealment for Deer Season

Millennium Treestands® announces the launch of the Q180 Buck Hut, a game-changing solution for deer hunters seeking a hassle-free and high-quality elevated shooting house. This ready-to-deploy hunting blind combines innovative features, top-notch quality, and exceptional value.

The Q180 Buck Hut boasts six full-view mesh panels, providing hunters an impressive 180º panoramic view. Each window incorporates an adjustable shooting rail to help hunters stay on target. Its generous platform and roomy interior offer ample headroom for standing and sitting shots. 

The shooting house framework, platform, and ladder are expertly crafted using heavy-duty, powder-coated steel. Additionally, the tower features two adjustable legs for leveling on uneven ground. The Q180 Buck Hut also features a robust exterior shell made of heavy-duty, water-resistant fabric that protects hunters from the elements and ensures a long-lasting hunting experience. 

With features like water-resistant soft shell material, configuration compatibility for the M369 Revolution seat, and multi-configuration windows for various hunting methods, the Buck Hut 180 stands as the pinnacle of innovation in hunting platforms.


Constructed of heavy-duty, water-resistant soft shell material

Roomy interior with up to 7 ft. height for standing shots

Configured to allow for one M369 Revolution seat (not included)

Multi-configuration windows for rifle, crossbow, or vertical bow hunting

Each window has adjustable-height shooting rest

The tower has two adjustable legs for leveling on uneven ground

Heavy-duty, powder-coat steel construction

Non-slip steps and 2 handrails


Material: Powder Coated Steel/Fabric

Capacity: 750 Lbs.

Weight: 323 Lbs

Height: 15’8”

Blind Dimensions: 7’ H x 4’ W x 7’4” L

Foot Print: 15’8” H x 11’9” W x 8” L

At Millennium Outdoors, manufacturer of Millennium Treestands, OL’MAN Treestands, and Millennium Marine, we are committed to ensuring each hunter and angler can make the most out of every season, from the big bucks in the fall to gobblers in the spring, from redfish on flats to crappie and bass in lakes, and every species and season in between. From innovative hang-on and ladder stands to ground blind chairs, fishing seats, and rod holders, Millennium Outdoors and its brands are dedicated to providing quality products to avid outdoor enthusiasts. Millennium’s reputation has been built on comfort, safety, quality, and versatility that hunters and anglers recognize and appreciate.

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