Liberty Ammunition offers free ammo for Idaho firing squad

Liberty Ammunition is recognized as the most lethal ammunition available.  Recently, Idaho amended their methods of execution by adding the firing squad as an  alternative method of execution when lethal injection is unavailable. 

As a result, Liberty Ammunition has offered to donate ammunition to the firing squads of  the great state of Idaho, assisting them in a time of budget constraints and increased  violence in our nation. 

Gary Ramey – CEO of Liberty Ammunition noted “Americans were stunned in 2022 by the  tragedy at University of Idaho. As a father, this crime in particular needs resolution.  We are more than happy to donate ammunition to allow Idaho to carry out lawfully ordered  executions now and in the future.” 

Representative Bruce D. Skaug of Idaho sponsored the bill and noted “H186 has now  passed the Idaho Senate and House with a veto proof majority. The state may now  more likely carry out justice, as determined by our judicial system, against those who  have committed first degree murder. I’d like to thank Liberty Ammunition for their offer  to assist Idaho in carrying out sentences.” 

About Liberty Ammunition 

Liberty Ammunition is the leader in self-defense ammunition. Liberty penetrates barriers  and ruptures in soft tissue, dumping ALL energy into the target to neutralize the threat.  

Liberty Ammunition: 

Hits Harder. 

Is Lighter to carry. 

Ruptures in soft tissue. 

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