Laura Zerra gets “Decivilized” in the exclusive series on CarbonTV®

Experience Surviving the Backcountry with the world’s foremost female primitive survivalist, Laura Zerra.

World renown primitive survivalist, Laura Zerra has survived more days in the wild on camera than any other female on Earth, and now you can join her and get Decivilized, exclusively on CarbonTV.  Stream both seasons to watch this self proclaimed nomad, knowledge hungry adventure seeker and self-educated risk taker explore the world, while giving lessons on things like how not to die and what plants can be used as medicine in case of an emergency. Decivilized follows Zerra as she goes completely off the grid, using the skill set she’s acquired through a lifetime of unpredictable adventure and an occasional close call or two. She’s brave, she’s brilliant, and she’s at home outdoors.

“I will never not experience something because of fear. My journey so far has taught me to seek life, seek adventure and seek discomfort, because that’s where growth and light happens,” share Laura Zerra.  “I’ve always been happiest outdoors and I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity to share my passion on CarbonTV and call it home.”

Decivilized with Laura Zerra is a CarbonTV original series and offers something for everyone. From basic survival skills and shelter building to fire starting and navigation, this series is unique in it’s ability to appeal to everyone. Breathtaking scenery and beautiful backcountry glimpses are in each episode for those who dream of adventurer and travel in their future. Don’t miss one minute of the fun, stream Decivilized with Laura Zerra on CarbonTV.

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