Kuiu and Down- Warmth Even When Wet

I frequently hunt with a crossbow in rifle deer seasons.  This means two things, first, I must wear orange and secondly, it’s often very cold.  I’ve been using Kuiu gear for the past two years and I was really excited to see the new down offerings that even work when wet.  Normally, water is the Kryptonite of down, but Kuiu has developed a method to keep you super warm.

Super Down Burner Parka-

This super down parka is designed for maximum warmth and will keep you warm in the coldest of elements, whether doing an all-day sit in Saskatchewan during the rut or ice fishing without the icehouse.  This parka is designed to handle the worst of weather and contain maximum body heat.

Super Down LT

As the name implies, this lighter line of down jackets and pants is designed as an under layer, yet still packs plenty of warmth.  It comes with a full hood, ideal for capturing every degree of body heat.  Shown in green, above, this line comes in the full camouflage pattern line.  Check out the full line of jackets, pants, and sleeping bags here. Kuiu has done their homework on down products.  This short video reveals the secrets of buying down garments.

How to Buy Down Clothing Video