Keep True Knives Sharp With The Mycro Knife Sharpener

There are very few things as dangerous as a dull blade. Without the ability to cut uniformly, a blade is more likely to catch and shred, which can easily slip and cause unintended damage to users or items. While TRUE Knives are built to last and with materials that require a minimal need for sharpening, the need to sharpen all knives is inevitable.

TRUE releases the Mycro Knife Sharpener to combat this danger and need. This lightweight aluminum construction houses a carbine cutter suitable for all blade materials. Carbide is more than capable of handling a wide variety of stainless and high-carbon steel. A ceramic sharpener is housed opposite for more fine sharpening and honing needs. Use is very simple; 10-12 passes through the carbine sharpener and another 10-12 with the ceramic sharpener. The 40-degree angle is suitable for nearly all blade geometries.

Mycro Knife Sharpener is a minimalistic tool suitable for EDC, incorporating a lanyard hole and rubber grip. The entire construction is about the size of an average thumb surpassing the competition. The size alone means it can be carried by anyone – even on a keychain – and used anytime.

For the trades worker, outdoor enthusiast, camper, and all-around knife user, it’s worth the extra peace of mind to have the best edge at all times. The small size and dependable materials make this an excellent preparedness tool one can feel confident carrying.   

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Tungsten Carbide Coarse Sharpener

Ceramic Fine Sharpener

Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) Grip

Lanyard Hole

Compatible with all straight-edge blades

Includes O-Ring connector


SIZE: 1.8” x 0.95”

WEIGHT: 0.1 lb



MSRP: $12.99

About TRUE®:

TRUE was born out of the desire to do a lot with a little. Our mission is to create multi-functional tools that fit in your pocket, allowing you to tackle anything without having to quit, disrupt or postpone your daily activities. TRUE is not just a name; it’s what the brand is about. The TRUE mission is to create products that maximize preparedness while minimizing the space a product occupies by eliminating unnecessary bells and whistles. Our goal is to provide a wide range of portable, lightweight products that not only fit in your pocket (or bag or backpack) but also fit in your lifestyle, enabling you to do a lot with a little, no matter where you are. Visit us at:

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