Introducing Underdogs, The Shooting Glasses That Attach To The Brim Of Your Cap

Underdog has launched a new kind of shooting glasses for the hunter and target shooting enthusiast: Shooting glasses that attach to the brim of your cap!

How often have you taken off your shooting glasses, set them down, and the forgotten where you put them? You won’t misplace your Underdog shooting glasses! Underdog Shooting Glasses are uniquely designed to easily attach to the brim of your cap where they stay making it nearly impossible to misplace them.

Designed specifically for hunters and targets shooters, these shooting glasses are tinted yellow to provide high contrast, making it easier to see sporting clays and upland birds against clouds and sky. Instead of removing them, like you would with ordinary shooting glasses, Underdogs simply flip up and out of the way when you don’t need them, but they are always there on your cap when you need them.

Underdogs work on most ball caps and easily slide onto the brim of your cap where they can be readily moved along the brim for optimal positioning.

Because they do not ride on the bridge of your nose or in your ears, Underdogs won’t cause irritation like traditional shooting glasses can, especially on all-day hunts or shoots. And, if you use protection muffs, you know that the “temples” or earpieces on traditional shooting glasses can interfere with the muffs. Because Underdogs have no earpieces, they work great when used with ear protection.

Underdog’s strong hinge is designed to last for thousands of flip-up and flip-down cycles without falling. The high-quality polycarbonate lenses are strong, scratch-resistant, and offer the highest level of eye protection from ricochets, wind, and UV rays. Lights, but durable, Underdog Shooting Glasses will last a lifetime giving you years of problem-free protection while afield.

Underdog Shooting Glasses will protect your eyes and help you see better without the hassles associated with ordinary shooting glasses. And, they come with a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can try them risk-free! Underdog Shooting Glasses – because there is a better place than on your face!

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