Introducing All-New 2023 QuietKat Models

The best hunting, fishing, utility, and all-terrain ebikes in the world.

EAGLE, Colo. — QuietKat Electric Bikes, the leader in off-road eBikes and a Vista Outdoor Inc. (NYSE: VSTO) brand, is proud to announce all-new 2023 models that are built to be the most capable all-terrain electric bikes on the planet. If you love the outdoors as much as we do, you will appreciate our highly capable ebikes for their all-season power, ability to tackle rugged terrain, while hauling your gear silently and scent free and your trophy out efficiently. QuietKat is the original all-terrain, electric hunting bike with over ten years of experience focused on superior craftsmanship and quality to take you places other vehicles cannot access, because we feel where the road ends, the hunt begins. And with the most recent price reduction across the entire line, the new 2023 models are even easier to obtain. 

The new collection is made up of four key models, starting at the pinnacle with the APEX PRO. We took our top-of-the-line APEX and gave it all the upgrades to elevate it to the pro level. Upgraded the front suspension fork to provide superior control, comfort, and performance. We then added a 16ah integrated battery for more power and an estimated range up to 48 miles with pedaling assistance and 24 miles throttle unassisted, plus the same burly 4 piston hydraulic brakes for superior control and stopping power. The mid-drive 1000-Watt motor and 9-speed SRAM gearing provides the ultimate power and utility at your fingertips to handle the most rugged and demanding trails. This is our top-of-the-line hunting bike for a reason; it’s superior strength, performance, and capabilities. 

Next up is the all-new APEX SPORT. What is better than one APEX in the line? Two! We added the APEX SPORT to create a family of bikes for the most serious outdoors person. The APEX SPORT shares the same DNA of the APEX PRO, with the same high-powered 1000- or 750-watt mid-drive motor option and a more budget conscious fork, battery, brakes, and drivetrain. The APEX SPORT provides an estimated range up to 38 miles with assisted pedaling and 19 miles throttle unassisted. The APEX SPORT carries on the tradition of the APEX line in a more affordable version that packs a serious punch. 

The RANGER is the next model in the line. Another all-time fan favorite and the best-selling hunting and fishing bike that we make. Why? Because the Ranger has all the excellent features of the APEX family for power, utility, and an estimated range up to 38 miles with assisted pedaling and 19 miles throttle unassisted, but with the bulletproof simplicity of a 1000- or 750-Watt hub-drive motor option. The Ranger comes with 7-speed SRAM gearing and new this year, 2 piston hydraulic brakes. The hub-drive motor provides a unique smooth and peppy ride that you must experience for yourself to believe. With a little less torque and battery life than the APEX mid-drive options, the Ranger is off-road capable and ready with a built-in rear rack to help carry anything you might want to take on your adventure.Finally, the entry level bike in the QuietKat line is our PIONEER. This is the most affordable all-terrain bike we offer, but its quality and durability far exceed its price. The Pioneer includes QuietKat’s integrated

battery design paired with a powerful 750- or 500-Watt hub-drive motor option that provides an estimated range up to 29 miles with assisted pedaling and 14 miles of full throttle unassisted. The Pioneer features single speed gearing that is simple, long lasting, requires minimal maintenance and is easy to use. A rigid fork coupled with cushy 4” tires keep your hands comfortable without breaking the bank. All of this equates to an overall excellent choice to enter and experience the power of a QuietKat. 

No matter what your need, terrain, or budget is, QuietKat has an ebike built to take your adventures farther. Please see the entire QuietKat line offering here.

About QuietKat
Founded in 2013 in Eagle, Colo., QuietKat is the leader in off-road electric bikes for hunting, fishing, camping, and exploring the great outdoors. Built for all-season utility, QuietKat electric bikes and accessories are designed to go further and explore more while carrying everything you need for your adventure. Riding a QuietKat e-bike has a low impact on the environment and a high return of utility and adventure. QuietKat strives to enhance the outdoor experience by building robust and reliable products with solid construction, powerful electric motors, and high performance in the field. QuietKat features a wide range of electric bikes and accessories including bags, racks, trailers, and everything you need for the outdoor lifestyle. For more information please visit

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