Hydra Weaponry Hires Industry Sales Executive, Tanner Smart, to Lead National Sales

Tanner Smart, an avid outdoorsman and hunter, will lead Hydra Weaponry’s national sales effort to increase distribution.

Hydra Weaponry, designers and manufacturers of the truly modular MARCK-15 Hydra® Weapon System, announce the addition of industry sales executive, Tanner Smart, to spearhead growing Hydra Weaponry’s distribution channel.

“Tanner comes to Hydra with sales experience from both sides of the counter,” Mack Gwinn, CEO of Hydra Weaponry, stated. “He has extensive knowledge from the retailer side of the business, as well as from the firearm manufacturer sales side.”

Smart, an Army Veteran, previously worked in sales with Stag Arms and spent almost a decade as the Sales Manager and Firearms Instructor at Guns Plus, a leading North Carolina firearms retailer and shooting facility.

“As a Vet and firearms trainer, I am very familiar with military-style weapons, and the MARCK-15 Hydra Modular system is by far one of the best-designed firearms capable of becoming mission-specific with a simple caliber change out,” Smart added. “I am excited to educate distributors, dealers, and customers on this unique firearm system that allows users to own more calibers without the cost of buying additional weapons.”

Tanner Smart is working with current Hydra Weaponry customers and is seeking new partnerships for Hydra Weaponry. With new machines and an increased capacity to build complete firearms in one, centralized location, Hydra Weaponry is on the path to growth.

For more information on Hydra Weaponry, visit the new website at www.hydraweaponry.com

About Hydra Weaponry:

Headquartered in Maine, Hydra Weaponry, has 50 years of firearms innovation in its DNA. Starting with the development of the Bushmaster pistol, rifle, and submachine gun, the Gwinn family has set a high standard of designing innovative firearm platforms built around the actual needs of tactical operators, often fighting in extreme conditions and environments. The MARCK-15 Hydra Modular Weapons System is the ultimate modular platform that designer Mack Gwinn, Jr. created to meet the criteria of modularity, durability, consistent performance, accuracy, and affordable. Hydra Weaponry is the future of small arms.

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