Hunting Life Holiday Gift Guide for Hunters

We combed the catalogs and the shelves and tested products for our yearly hunting gift guide. Every year look for the best hunting gifts from all of our contacts in the industry and this year is no exception. Without further delay, we hope you enjoy our list. Some of these products have links to our affiliate partner and some do not. We appreciate your support in clicking these links

ATN ThOR 4 640 1-10x Smart HD Thermal Rifle Scope

The ATN THOR 4 640 1 -10X Smart HD Thermal Rifle Scope are powered by ATN’s Obsidian IV Dual core sensor and it is glorious.  This new sensor is a GEN 4 sensor and with Black Hot, White HOT and Color Mode it it carries tremendous options.  The ATN THOR 4 also comes with Video Record, Dual Stream Video and Recoil Activated Video, One Shot Zero, ATN RADAR, Ballistic Calculator, Smart Mil Dot Reticle providing one of the smartest tool systems in the industry in a scope that absolutely makes it fun to hunt predators at night.  The ATN THOR 4 offers the power to hunt all night(16hrs of continuous battery power) and record directly to an SD card in the scope along the journey.   This is one exceptionally fun scope that extends hunting season and makes it exciting to get out at night.

QWNN Solar Lantern

When we first got this QWNN Solight, we thought this was way too fancy to consider for our use. With over six months of use in everything from camping trips to power outages from severe storms this light has come in handy and useful each and every single time. It works extremely well and charges both through home power as well as through solar. With built in LED lights, it has power for days and days.

High Camp Torch Flask

The Torch Flask is double-wall insulated to temperature protect your spirits, it’s made of electropolished 18/8 kitchen grade stainless steel to protect your favorite libation for months-on-end. We have never once let a good drink last months and months inside of a flask. The Torch comes with a magnetically attached 3 fl. oz. “sipping shot glass” because life is to short to not enjoy a good drink with a great glass. The removable bottom cap spans the entire width of the bottom allowing you to get in this flask and scrub it up and put it in dish washer to keep it fresh and ready for the next trip. As well, you can now add ice into your drink and carry with you a cocktail all day and have it fresh and ready. The Torch is also a double-wall insulated container it is also pretty darn good at carrying two shots of hot espresso for that mid day bump of caffeine when you need it.

Wenzel’s Family Farm Meat Lovers Gift Box

You have the opportunity to choose one of these great gift packs from the team at Wenzel’s Family Farm. We have not yet met anyone who appreciated quality meat who does not like these great meat sticks. The 6 Pack – The perfect holiday gift for the meat-lovin’, on-the-go, adventurer. 6 packages of 8oz snack sticks including the following flavors, Beef, Beef with Cheddar, Teriyaki, Spicy, Jalapeno Cheddar, and Honey Ham. “The Meat Lover”, which includes 4, 8 oz. packages with your go-to flavors; Beef, Teriyaki, Spicy, and Honey Ham. This Gift Box also includes 2 flavors of our summer sausage; Garlic Summer Sausage and Beef Summer Sausage. The snack stick and summer sausage gift box combination is a perfect option for the Meat-Lover in your life that likes a little bit of everything. Or maybe, the gift box is a special treat that you keep all for yourself, it’s okay we won’t tell anyone. We often buy one of these as a gift and one of these for the holiday week just to munch on while we watch bowl games.

Minelab Vanquish 540 Metal Detector

The VANQUISH 540 is a metal detector for the serious hobbyist who is looking for a top of the line detector. Multi-IQ technology coupled with audio control and an iron-bias control, red LED backlight and rechargeable batteries take this unit to the top of the list. The waterproof 12″ coil provides enough ability to do some serious coverage and allows you to pursue treasures both above and below water. We really enjoyed how easily this unit packs into a small package that is easy to throw into your vehicle and not take up too much space.

Wild Water Fly Fishing Deluxe Fly Fishing Freshwater Combo Kit

The Wild Water Deluxe Fly Fishing Freshwater Combo offers a 7/8 weight 9′, 4 Piece IM8 Graphite medium-fast action rod with a rod case and a 95mm diameter spool fly reel with a chartreuse WF8-F weight forward 8 floating fly line and 30# orange backing and 9 foot 0x tapered leaders. Fly Reels are interchangeable from left to right retrieve, fly box with 8 flies total and fly fishing accessories. This rod is perfect for large trout, pike, stripers, redfish, salmon, bonefish, bass, medium to large streams, ponds, lakes and light saltwater use. This Wild Water Kit makes a great gift for someone just getting into fly fishing or the intermediate angler looking for a different weight rod kit with enough finesse for experienced anglers. Check out the great kits from

Kodiak Battery Heated Blanket from Life Giving Warmth

The Kodiak is a high end heated blanket from Life Giving Warmth. This works as the perfect blind blanket, a safety net in regards to hypothermia and a tool to have with you at all times in the vehicle when traveling in inclement weather. The outside of this blanket is basically wind-resistant and it will keep you warm regardless of the temperatures. If you need to warm up your body fast you and for a sustained time period you can turn on the heated blanket and keep yourself warm whether you are fishing, in the blind during freezing temperatures, at the football game or in a rescue situation. We used the Kodiak Heated Blanket to wrap up Miko dog after a particularly cold and wet hunt and she was dry happy had stopped shivering quickly. Excellent blanket and an outstanding tool for extreme cold.

Heat Hog 9,000 BTU LP Portable Heater

The Heat Hog allows you to get outdoors and stay outdoors all day long. This portable heater works on 1lb propane cylinders and works both indoors and outdoors without electricity. This is the perfect portable heater for working in the garage, in construction, hunting, ice fishing, fishing and even camping. We like how the heat angle is adjustable which is perfect for the duck blind or deer blind to get heat on the upper body. We also liked the sturdy handle and the heat dock allowing us to have two tanks at all times with us for all day use allowing one in use and one on deck staying warm so you get the most use out of both propane cylinders. The Heat Hog is the an important part of our tool kit when blind hunting in winter temperatures.

BAJÍO (pronounced bah-hee-oh) Sunglasses

We picked up a set of the Bajío sunglasses before a fishing trip to Lake Tahoe with Double Down Guide Service and I fell in love with Lake Tahoe and these sunglasses. The clarity on these polarized lenses coupled with the clarity of the water in Lake Tahoe had me shaking my head in disbelief all day long. The fishing was outstanding and Captain Nijal did an outstanding job of getting us on fish. The look and feel Bajio sunglasses is exceptional and the color and clarity is absolutely some of the best we have encountered. We love the Shoal Tort matte color and we are sure you can find the right pair for whomever you are looking for.

Escort Max 360 C MKII Radar Detector and M2 Dashboard Camera

Hunters especially those who travel state to state in pursuit of adventures spend a lot of days on the road often with expensive equipment, vehicles and trailers. No one wants to be adding to that cost with expensive speeding tickets and without some kind of video protection in case of accidents so the team at Escort has created the new MAX 360c MKII from: Escort Radar that pairs with their ESCORT M2 Radar-Mounted Smart Dash Cam to provide a complete dashboard protection system that keeps drivers alerted to any oncoming threats, current speed limits, speed traps and a camera that tracks every single minute of a long distance drive. We have been testing this unit for the fall hunting season and have found it to be an asset as well as allowing us the opportunity to share some of the scenery with our family and on social media.

Ocoopa UT2s Rechargeable Hand Warmers

We tested the Ocoopa UT2s out during hunting season and most importantly we loved them and we are actually giving some of these away to family and friends because they are easy to use and rechargeable. These come apart and snap together magnetically for storage. Each one can either heat your hands or pockets and recharge your cell phone in the field. We turned one on in our pocket to keep our phone in a warm pocket while we charged with the other one. Heat output lasts about 8 hours on low power and if you are just warming your hands low seems to work pretty well. If you need fast hot heat you can max these up to crank out heat at 145 degrees which was a little too hot for us. These are great for the entire family from kids spending more time in the outdoors to grandparents just needing to take the chill off a cool day. Use Ocoopa Promo code: HUNTINGLIFE for an additional 8% off the model of your choosing.

Masterlock Mossy Oak Portable Lock Box

Hunting leases often have many members and making lots of keys can often be problematic. The Masterlock Mossy Oak Portable Lock Box makes it easy to put in a key to the hunting cabin and give multiple members the code to the lock box in order to have access to the cabin or hunting party. Masterlock hit it out the park with this great tool. We have one of these at the gate to a lease so it makes it easy when guests arrive early. This lockbox is extremely well built and able to withstand all weather conditions and outdoor use year round. The Masterlock Portable Lock Box also makes the perfect gift for the hunter who often forgets his keys.

Ozonics HR500 Ozone Generator for Hunting

The Ozonics HR500 Ozone Generator for hunting is an outstanding tool for hunters who like to hunt in close most specifically used in whitetail deer hunting. The HR500 has been in use for the 2022 season and hunters are seeing some amazing success this year using the HR500 in the field. Hunters want products that work and will make a difference in the field and Ozonics provides continual active scent control that work before, during and after hunts. Ozonics is offering holiday promotions for the Ozonics HR500 and it makes a great gift for hunters.

Tenkara Rod Company Beartooth Rod Kit

Think of the Beartooth Rod as your Tenkara swiss army knife: it does it all! Perfect for backpacking, hunting trips, camping trips, road trips, or everyday use! The Beartooth is the most compact rod from Tenkara Rod Company collapsing down to 14 inches so you can take it with you wherever you go. With 6:4 flex you can cast and catch bigger fish, but still have good control with smaller fish. Extended, the rod is 10 feet and weighs 2.3 ounces. The rubber grip end is perfect for the medium activity level and the swivel tip rod end is ready for action. The Beartooth Package includes the rod, rod tube, rod sock, line, line holder, flies, and tippet.

Gunner Kennel

The Gunner Kennel is without question the safest tool can use to carry your dog in a vehicle or anywhere in the world. This thing is bombproof and it can and could save your dog in the event of a rollover accident or any accident for that matter. The gunner is heavy, not easy to move around but it is simply the best tool you can use to transport your hunting dog from one place to another. The Gunner Kennel is the ultimate gift for the hunter who is obsessed with his hunting dog.

IsoTunes Sport Caliber

The IsoTunes Sport Caliber is a Bluetooth shooting earbud that works as electronic ear protection. The Caliber is dust, sweat and waterproof and can handle up to 13 hours without recharging. The complete system allows you to move and hunt freely and the Tactical Sound Control absolutely enhances the wearers hearing while you are out in the wild and reduces gunshot noise protecting your hearing and allowing you to hear every sound around you. The first couple of times you wear these it is mind blowing how much you hear when you are out hunting. With Bluetooth, these can also connect to your phone and listen to music or take a call though we don’t recommend that on the treestand.

FORLOH – ThermoNeutral Down Jackets & Vests

The Thermoneutral Collection is the insulation layer wearers of down have been waiting for. Warm when you need it, water-resistant inside and out, AND breathable for when your heart rate increases and your body starts to sweat. Unlike conventional down, it regulates your body temperature in a wide range of cooler temperatures. 

BioLite Headlamp 800 Pro

We have been using this BioLite HeadLamp in some pretty extreme conditions over the past 3 months. It has been dropped in mud, snow, water and covered in dust and even chocolate that melted all over it one hot day in our pack and it still just keeps performing day after day after day. The light is USB rechargeable and even offers pass through charging so you can carry an extra battery with you in your pocket and keep this light working for hours and hours on end. It offers a rear red visibility light which we use when walking in on public land mostly as a signal to other hunters as to our whereabouts as well as our direction. It offers a wide swath of option from white spot, white flood, spot and flood, white strobe, red fled, red rear, red rear strobe, dimming and a white burst that lights up the world with 800 lumens. Currently, this is one of the best headlamps on the market and the top of the line from BioLite. We especially like that you can turn this headlight off and on by holding a button for 15 seconds and the light will not turn on in your pack when not in use.

YETI Yonder Water Bottle

We picked up two of these at the beginning of the hunting season and ordered them on the very day they came out after we saw the announcement video. They have been side by side with us day in and day out and we have increased the amount of water we are drinking daily by adding in Hoist mixed in with water to increase the amount we drink each day. These water bottles are non-insulated, light and easy to keep clean and reduce plastic water bottle consumption dramatically. The lid makes these easy to clean, easy to add ice and the lid is easy to drink from without spilling. The smaller ones also fit very well in car cup holders, take a look at our review and buy them from YETI direct.

Cascade Mountain Tech Carbon Fiber Mossy Oak Trekking Poles

Cascade Mountain Tech Mossy Oak Elements Contour Pattern Trekking Poles are perfect for every outdoor enthusiast. They are useful for hiking uphill, downhill, and flat terrain. Since they weigh 8.3 ounces each, the poles won’t slow you down on the trail. Instead, they’ll improve your hiking endurance and allow you to reach new heights. We used these all during rifle season and with the included accessories you can use these for hunting and as shooting sticks as well as hiking sticks to make life easier packing in as well as heavy loads out. Check these out at Cascade Mountain.

Convergent Hunting Solutions Bullet HD Bluetooth Game Calling System

Any predator hunter would be ecstatic to unwrap the Convergent Hunting Solutions Bullet HD Bluetooth Game Calling System. The most compact predator call unit in its class with HD sound quality managed by a smartphone for a remote. The sound file offers endless opportunities for whatever game they choose to hunt.

The size sets the Bullet HD apart from other electronic calls; compact when carried and extended when in use. A high-fidelity speaker emits high-definition sound from an expandable sound library. Bluetooth controls the call through a mobile app on the hunter’s Android or Apple IOS device. The free mobile app has 50 free game-calling sounds and an expandable library. The screw-in stake secures placement into the ground or on a camera head or tripod mount. An included ribbon decoy can be placed on the top of the e-caller and activated by remote to entice the intended game. Both stake and decoy securely store in the Bullet HD body. The robust rechargeable battery is the perfect solution for many hours in the field hunting predators. The Convergent Bullet HD is an easy-carry solution for any hunter’s arsenal.

ewool PRO+ Heated Vest

From the ski slopes to the hunting woods, heated gear enables the wearer to push their adventure to the limits. Ewool Pro+ heated vest offers an outdoor enthusiast on your gift list a new level in heated gear.

The ewool Pro+ heated vest can be dressed up, worn with casual wear, or as a mid-layer while enjoying outdoor recreation. The non-bulky, fitted design with side stretch bands has a snug fit but isn’t restricting, allowing a full range of movement while enjoying outdoor pursuits. The heated collar and large front and back heating panels, which include the lumbar area, are controlled by an easy-to-access on/off button with variable settings. Available in men’s and women’s sizes with a 3- or 7-hour battery option that will keep the wearer warm on all their adventures on those blistery days.

Fieldsheer Women’s Merino Heated Baselayer Shirt

When looking for a thoughtful gift for the woman on your list that braves the outdoors when the temperatures dip in the winter months, Fieldsheer mobile warming gear checks off all the boxes. The Women’s Merino Heated Baselayer Shirt is the perfect layering piece to keep warm for every low to high-impact activity.

This contour-fitted hoodie-style shirt is versatile as a baselayer, mid-layer, or shirt for hiking, hunting, fishing, or wearing during a favorite outdoor activity. The 7.4-volt rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides up to 10 hours of heated comfort per full charge. The Bluetooth Connect app controls the multi-zone heating elements, allowing up to four heat settings to regulate the wearer’s core temperature. Other features such as the waist and chest pockets, inseam thumb holes on cuffs, an integrated touch control button, and being naturally anti-microbial make this the perfect layering piece.

FireDisc Portable Propane Cooker

For that special person you are shopping for who enjoys the outdoors, cooking meals while in the outdoors camping, at hunting camp, or on the back patio is another way to spend time with loved ones while sharing the bounty of their harvest. Consider giving a FireDisc Portable Propane Cooker this Holiday season; something that will garner many hours of cooking enjoyment and sharing memorable times with friends and family.

The FireDisc Portable Propane Cooker is available in 24” and 36” tall models in red or black powdercoat finish. The FireDisc easily breaks down and packs into one unit designed for travel and storage. Its heavy metal cooking surface cooks like cast iron. There are five option bundles and a Build A Bundle option so that you can give a customized bundle to that special someone on your gift giving list.

JetBoil Flash Java Kit

The JetBoil Flash Java Kit is a wonderful choice for the backpacker, camper, or hunter on your list. The Flash Java Kit combines a cooking source and coffee maker in one compact unit for use on the trail or in camp.

The Flash Java personal cooking system’s boil time is just a little over 1.5 minutes for quick meal prep on the trail or, when using the silicone coffee press, serves up a steaming cup of coffee. The entire kit stores stacked to minimize space usage in backpacks and weighs in at 13.1 ounces. The kit includes everything required for cooking or brewing. The propane bottle is sold separately.

Turtlebox Bluetooth Speaker

The Turtlebox Bluetooth Speaker is a gift giving choice for any age. Ideal for any situation from lakes to beaches, on a boat or ATV, sitting around a fire at camp, game day, neighborhood movie night, for karaoke, or to use as a loudspeaker at any gathering.

This 100% waterproof Bluetooth speaker is a lightweight easy to carry unit that packs amazing bass and treble clarity with a sound frequency designed for outdoor use. The LED rubber control panel with LED battery level and Bluetooth indicator is located on top of the speaker for convenient use. Large rubber feet and stainless steel tiedown anchors will keep the unit in place on boats and ATVS. Quick and easy Bluetooth pairing with a smartphone, iPod, or any other Bluetooth capable devices, and the Turtlebox includes a USB-C output making the unit a portable power pack. A unique gift ideal that will bring the recipient of this gift years of enjoyment in many ways.

Swazi Cairnsman

The Swazi Cairnsman is the hoodie that you have been dreaming about your whole life. Part Hoodie, all natural wool fibers and uber comfortable. It’s a joy to wear in the field and it looks good enough to sport out on the town during the holiday season. We have been wearing this for about the last two months and the only complaint we have is no pockets and that is why we wear cargo pants most of the time. The perfect sweater/hoodie and mid layer for snowy hunts. This is the kind of gift dads will rave about for years because it will quickly become his favorite item anytime there is a slight chill in the air.

Luno Vehicle Air Mattress

Finally, a restful night’s sleep inside of four wheels. The Luno Air Mattress 2.0 inflates in just a few minutes to create a comfortable sleeping surface in your vehicle and with the right vehicle it is big enough for two campers and a dog in the middle if you are adventurous. The Luno Air Mattress 2.0 is built with durable, 300-denier fabric and a pack-down size that fits into your carry-on luggage, car-camping has never been easier and this will work in a rental vehicle as well as your own vehicle. It is comfortable and perfect for quick fast and light hunting trips wherever the adventure takes you.

Jack Wolfskin Expedition Duffle

The EXPEDITION TRUNK 40 is the ideal for sport and travel use and the perfect bag for a weekend away, a fast break road trip or a daily gym bags. It can be carried like a bag or a backpack and it has a ton of room with an easy access u-shaped zip. The bag is water resistant and it looks and is tough as nails. You can easily use the handles or attach the shoulder straps for long jaunts through a crowded airport. This is the ultimate fast break go bag and it even has a quick flap for your business card and contact information. This is the kind of quality gear that Jack Wolfskin is known for creating.

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