How to Set Up the Perfect Hunting Cabin

Hunting season can be so lucrative that many hunters don’t like returning home after one day. After all, preparing for the hunt can take a long time, and trekking to and from home is frustrating and time-consuming.

That’s why many avid hunters set themselves up for the long haul, creating their dream hunting cabin with everyday essentials to tide them over until they’re satisfied with their gains. If you’re trying to prepare your hunting cabin for the season ahead, take note of the following tips.

Purchase a Power Source

Being without power in the woods won’t worry most hunters, who will likely spend more time hunting than relaxing in their cabin. However, a power source like a portable solar pack can be a cost-effective and convenient addition to a hunting cabin.

Rather than hauling a heavy generator to your accommodation and keeping it supplied with fuel, you can harness the sun’s energy through portable solar panels, convert the energy into electricity and send it to a portable power station or battery pack, charge mobile devices, run electric appliances, and keep your hunting cabin well-lit.

Alongside solar panels and power stations, you might also consider purchasing portable power banks that you can take with you while hunting to keep your mobile devices on full battery in case of an emergency.

Take Care of Food and Cooking

After a hard day of hunting, you likely want to return to your cabin and prepare a feast. Ensure your hunting cabin is well-stocked with essentials to sustain your energy levels and give your body the fuel it needs for long hunting days.

Stock up on canned goods you can leave in your hunting cabin for extended periods, and bring fresh fruit and vegetables from home. Investing in a gas cooker to prepare easy meals at night is also a good idea. If you have solar panels or a generator, you might also like to purchase electric appliances like an electric cooker and toaster, so you and your hunting party can enjoy a straightforward cooking experience.

Consider Sleeping Quarters

Your hunting cabin on your land might be suitable for your needs, first and foremost, but don’t forget to cater to anyone else you go hunting with. Alongside having a bed for yourself, consider buying bunk beds for multiple people to enjoy, pull-out couches for last-minute guests, and hammocks when lacking space for additional beds.

If you’re hunting with dogs, they’ll also need somewhere comfortable to sleep. Allow room for a dog bed or blankets so your four-legged companion can be as fresh for the hunt as you are.

Organize Safe Weapon Storage

No one wants guns and other hunting weapons lying haphazardly in a hunting cabin. Make a plan for them so everyone in your hunting party can feel safe and secure. Some hunters leave their guns in a lockable trunk in their secure vehicle, while others invest in gun storage racks and cabinets designed for hunting cabins. Even a simple wall-mounted gun rest can be an ideal solution to keep your cabin safe and organized for all hunters.

Install a Heat Source

Many hunters love venturing out in winter to try their luck at hunting rabbits, coyotes, and wild hogs. Ensure your hunting cabin has a heat source for comfort during these cooler months. While you can easily keep warm while walking, it can be much more challenging when you’ve retired for the evening.

A wood-burning stove might be a worthwhile option if you have a stockpile of wood to see you through the hunting season. The same goes for a fireplace when you have a small cabin and want it to heat quickly. If you don’t have access to wood, running an electric heater from your portable power station might be a convenient option. However, many hunters simply make do with plenty of blankets and warm clothing layers.

Think About the Heat

You can sometimes be so busy thinking about how much the temperatures will plummet that you don’t consider how much they can also rise. Summer hunting allows you to take advantage of deer, elk, and waterfowl, which is why many hunters venture out in the heart of the warmer seasons.

Ensure your comfort in your hunting cabin by investing in fans and running them from your portable power stations. If you place them in front of doorways or windows, you can pull uncomfortable humidity out of the cabin. Alternatively, run one fan inside the cabin and another by the door to draw fresh air in from outside.

Setting up a hunting cabin can be worthwhile when you plan to take multi-day hunting trips. Ensure your comfort no matter the conditions by taking some of the actions above.

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