Gain Some Weight this Winter

Off-season is the perfect time to experiment with new gear.  Shooting heavier arrows is a popular option, and it’s easy to test with broadheads that come in multiple weights.  Increasing the weight of an arrow shaft is difficult while adding broadhead weight is a matter of screwing in a heavier head or target point.

Begin with Target Points-

Doing weight tests with broadheads will become very expensive if you buy packs of heads in various weights.  A more economical approach is to purchase a “test kit” of field points from 3 Rivers Archery.  For the price of one broadhead you can get points ranging from 100 grains up to 200 grains.  Plus, you will burn a lot less target material.  The above group is from a Ravin R26X at 100 yards.


Several manufacturers introduced cut-on-contact broadheads at the 2024 ATA Show.  As you can see this Helix brand offers heads up to 225 grains.  Shooting the heaviest head will give the standard shooter a mass of 525 grains instead of the standard 400 grains, a weight increase of more than 25 percent.

Grim Reaper Options

Because Grim Reaper broadheads are made and sourced here in the USA, they offer a wide assortment of types and weights of broadheads.  You can choose from fixed, mechanical, or hybrids which offer advantages of each.  Heavier broadheads can give an arrow a great Front of Center (FOC) weight which helps keep the shaft on-target.


Sevr Robusto

Heavier weight usually translates into greater durability.  I took this nearly 2,000-pound eland bull with a frontal shot using a Sevr Robusto mechanical broadhead launched by the TenPoint 505.  A larger, heavier broadhead can increase lethality for big or dangerous game and with today’s ultrafast crossbows, hunters still enjoy a relatively flat trajectory at close to moderate range.  When ordered in multiple packs, 150-grain field points are included.

Instead of hanging your bow or crossbow, purchase a variety pack of field points and experiment to build greater accuracy.  Come September, you will be glad you did.