First Look at the Hottest New Bowhunting Accessories for 2023

A handful of the hottest new bow accessories for the upcoming season.

You can have the best compound bow money can buy, but if you don’t outfit that rig properly, your shooting will never be as accurate or enjoyable as it could be. Choosing the right accessories for your bow requires careful consideration. And, of course, you’re not done after your bow is set up and your arrows or bought and built. You’ll need a top-tier release and some foam targets, too, at minimum. The good news is that the hottest new bow accessories for 2023 are just hitting the market now, so there are plenty of cutting-edge options for you to choose from. Here’s our list of the top new releases, quivers, stabilizers, rests, arrows, and backyard archery targets. (What about bow sights? There are so many good news ones that we’ll cover them in an upcoming article. So stay tuned.)

Hottest New Bow Releases for 2023

Scott Verge Release

The new Scott Verge will retail for right around $150. Scott Archery

The culmination of two years of research, Scott’s new Verge release gives combines the benefits of an index-finger release and a hinge release. The extra-long trigger allows you to execute a shot using just your index finger or by wrapping a pair of fingers around the release and engaging the back muscles to achieve more of a back-tension-like surprise release. Plus, the single sear has adjustable travel settings so you can fine-tune the pull, and you can set the release to make a pre-shot click. 

T.R.U. Ball Centerline Release

T.R.U. Ball’s new Cenerline Release sells for about $115. T.R.U. Ball

T.R.U. Ball’s Centerline Release is built so that the strap connection, the body of the release, and the string hook (which connects to your D-Loop) all flow along a perfect straight center line to reduce torque. The Centerline sports the company’s Tri-Star hook system, which uses a magnet to automatically reset the release after every shot, so there is no need for you to do it manually, like with some models. The release comes standard with a Globo-Swivel strap that allows for length/reach adjustments via hole settings that are 3/16 of an inch apart. Set screws on the body of the release also let you fine tune travel and sensitivity to dial in your perfect trigger pull.

Apex Gear Verdict Single Jaw BOA Release

Apex Gear

In the release world, simplicity and functionality go a long way, and archers will find both in Apex’s new-for-2023 Verdict Single Jaw BOA. The forward trigger position helps the shooter find and feel the trigger quickly and easily, which can sometimes be an issue when you turn your head and suddenly see a buck walking your way. The Verdict’s sear-less firing mechanism ensures a crisp, clean release at the shot. D-loop attachment is quick and easy (see above about a buck suddenly coming in), and the BOA Fit System, with no Velcro or buckles, allows for a perfect fit every time with buckles or noisy Velcro.

Hottest New Bow Quivers

Octane Archery Vault Quiver 

The new Vault quiver starts at $40 for black. Octane Archery

Octane’s new Vault is a multi-position quiver that is ultra-compact, lightweight, and highly durable. The Carbon Hybrid Frame keeps weight down while adding strength, and the rubber hood liner protects broadheads while ensuring silent arrow removal. The Oversized Quick Detach Lever Lock makes quiver removal fast, and the removable Dual Grippers accept any arrow diameter. The quiver is available in Black or Mossy Oak Breakup Country.

SEVR Max Grip Five-Arrow Quiver byTightSpot

The new Max Grip quiver retails for around $190. SEVR Archery

Developed in collaboration with quiver maker, TightSpot, SEVR’s Max Grip was designed specifically to hold SEVR broadheads’ Lock-and-Pivot blade system but will also hold arrows tipped with fixed, hybrid, or other expandable heads. The five-arrow quiver sports TightSpot’s all-new vented hood and patented three-way adjustment system, which allows the user to position the quiver tightly to the bow, which can improve balance. BullDog arrow grippers are individually adjustable to ensure that arrows won’t come lose, no matter what their diameter, and an included second arrow gripper is adjustable for positioning around bow accessories. The total quiver weight is 11 ounces, and the overall length is 16.5 inches.

Hottest New Bow Stabilizers

AXCEL Archery Antler Ridge Hunting Stabilizer Kit

The new Antler Ridge stabilizer kit will retail for around $450. Axcel Archery

Many bowhunters are taking notes from the tournament crowd and running front- and back-bar stabilizers to increase balance, leading to improved accuracy. Enter AXCEL’s Antler Ridge Hunting Stabilizer Kit—everything you need and nothing you don’t. The kit has a front and back bar, each with a Kryptos Arc vibration damper and a pair of two-ounce black nitride weights to customize the amount of weight on each. A mounting bracket and zero-degree Center Lock quick-disconnect make setup easy, and each bar features a Carbon Fiber Twill finish with engraved end caps. Available colors are Black, Coyote Tan, and Olive Drab Green.  

Trophy Ridge Shock Stop Stabilizer

The new Shock Stop will retail for about $80. Trophy Ridge

Not too long and not too short for a hunting stabilizer, Trophy Ridge’s new Shock Stop combines a carbon-fiber construction and innovative dampening technology to reduce vibration with each shot. The Shock Stop comes with two removable 1-ounce weights for increased customization, and both a wrist strap and mounting bar are included.

Hottest Arrow Rest System

QAD UltraRest Integrate MX

The Intergrate MX sells for about $250. QAD Archery

Quality Archery Designs Integrate Mounting System is not new, but it’s worth mentioning here. Why? Because nearly every bow-maker has adopted the technology for 2023. The integrate Mounting system allows you to mount the rest in line with the back of the riser via a dovetail attachment, making connection to the Berger Holes obsolete. The result is reduced weight, a more solid attachment, and a streamlined rest-to-bow marriage. The Integrate MX is adjustable at .0019″ per click and is 60 percent lighter than most other micro-adjustable rests on the market.

Hottest New Arrows

Easton 5MM Legacy Fred Eichler Signature Arrow

A six-pack of fletched Fred Eichler Signature Arrows will retail for about $106. Easton Archery

For 2023, Easton partnered with legendary traditional bowhunter Fred Eichler to create the 5MM Legacy Fred Eichler Signature Arrow. Offered in spine sizes from 340 to 700, there’s an arrow for every archer, and these hand-fletched 4-inch left-helical arrows will work for trad and compound archers alike. The dark teakwood-flare finish is stylish, and the arrows come with HIT components and Easton’s 5mm X Nocks.

Gold Tip Force F.O.C. Hunting Arrow

Packages of Tip Force F.O.C start at $109 for 6. Gold Tip

Front of Center (F.O.C.) remains a hot topic in the arrow world, and for 2023 Gold Tip launches its Force F.O.C. Hunting Arrow. Designed for hunters who want lightweight, micro-diameter arrow with boosted F.O.C, these carbon shaft have a +/-.5-grain weight tolerance. Smart Carbon Technology means no fillers were used to craft these .246-inch inner-diameter arrows, and both 100-grain brass inserts and 12.1-grain aluminum inserts are included.

Carbon Express Maxima Photon SD Arrows

New Maxima Photon SDs start at $135 for six, pre-fletched. Carbon Express

Fabricated from a custom weave of 30-ton carbon, Carbon Express’ Maxima Photon SD arrows recover 25 percent faster out of the bow, according the company, leading to superior downrange accuracy. With an inside diameter of .203 inches, this micro-diameter shaft minimizes wind drift and should create less friction on impact for better penetration. The Photon is available in 300, 350, and 400 spine sizes.

G5 Outdoors Mark 203 and Mark 244 Hunting Arrows

Mark 203 arrows start at $115 per 6; Mark 244 at about $95. G5 Archery

Broadhead maker G5 has crafted a pair of arrow offerings for 2023. The Mark 203 has a .203-inch inside diameter, as the name implies, and comes with a half-out machined aluminum insert. You can guess the diameter of the Mark 244, which comes a standard insert, also made of machined aluminum. Both arrows have three layers of multi-directional carbon for added strength and shot-to-shot consistency. 

Hottest New Archery Targets

Delta T-Rex and Dragon Backyard Archery Targets

Delta’s new T-Rex target sells for about $300, and the Dragon goes for around $375. Delta

Slinging carbon is supposed to be fun, and Delta’s latest 3-D targets promise to add a little more of it to your practice sessions. The new T-Rex and Dragon Backyard Targets are made of self-healing foam that will handle field points and broadheads, and both are rated for high-speed crossbow bolts. The T-Rex measures 79 inches tall by 47 inches wide, and the Dragon measures 44 inches by 28 inches.

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