Fieldsheer- Power Through the Cold

The onset of winter can be a shock to the system.  Going from chilly to downright cold takes an adjustment in both gear and mental attitude.  Fieldsheer has developed a line of outdoor gear that makes this transition a snap, literally with the touch of a button.

Sharp Looks

First, discount just how good-looking these jackets and vests are.  Whether you use them as an outer layer or mid-layer, you are bound to get second looks whether hunting, skiing, or just hanging out.  Secondly, the jackets and vest are insulated with PrimaLoft, a substance as warm as down that’s packable, lightweight, and provides warmth without bulk.   Plus, its outer layer is water resistant.

Slim Batteries- The Size of a Credit Card

Fieldsheer garments feature heated panels that provide a soothing warmth from small, lightweight batteries that fit in a small pouch inside of a standard pocket.  They turn on and off with the touch of a small button on the bottom of the garment and adjust to three levels of warmth that can last up to 10 hours.


I took a jacket and vest to Africa expecting cold weather but was greeted with temperatures in the 80s.  Mornings were chilly, in the ’40s and 50’s so the PrimaLoft was more than adequate without heated panels.  Note the “on/off” button at the bottom of the jacket, handy yet very discrete.

Blizzard Buster

I’m headed for South Dakota where temperatures will bottom out at zero, and I look forward to enjoying the freezing temperatures and climbing about the Badlands topography in comfort.

Crazy Camo

My 16-year-old grandson is visiting and I asked him to model the jacket so that I could evaluate it as an outer hunting garment.  The same waffled effect that prompts, “Where did you get that cool jacket?” from my friends also acts as a modest camouflage.

Full-Length Warmth

Active cold weather gear must have enough length to cover your kidney area and seal your upper body from heat loss.  Notice how the great length of this jacket maximizes warmth.

Sunshine in your Pocket

Fieldsheer mobile warming techniques heating systems operate from a small battery and pair with your smartphone.  The battery power has four settings, yet the garments are so warm that “off” is a warm setting.  Temperatures range from 135 degrees (2.5 hours) down to 90 degrees for 10 hours.  The ability to turn the heat on and off helps preserve battery power so that you can turn up the volume when sedentary and rest the power source when active.  Check out all of the cool gear at


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