Federal Ammunition Wraps Up It’s 100-Year Celebration Content On Brand Website

As a conclusion to the brand’s 100-year anniversary celebration, Federal Ammunition wraps up its monthly online content which celebrated Federal’s rich history all year long. Two articles for the month of December tell the stories of Federal’s conservation efforts and law enforcement ammunition. This final content can be found on the 100-year anniversary website: A Century Of Authority (federalpremium.com).

The article “Federal Conservation Initiatives” documents how Federal Ammunition continues to be at the forefront of conservation issues and support. Since the 1930s, Federal Ammunition has sought to educate consumers on key conservation issues as well as financially backing many conservation organizations. Federal Ammunition understands that sound conservation practices must be in place for hunting to carry on for generations to come. 

“Federal Ammunition remains committed to science-backed wildlife conservation management,” said Jason Nash, Federal Ammunition Vice President of Marketing. “Federal supports the major conservation groups to continue their good work. Several shotshell packages have the NWTF and Pheasants Forever logo on them, with a portion of proceeds going to those groups.”

Since the 1980s, Federal has marketed ammunition directly for use by law enforcement officials. The article “Federal Law Enforcement” follows the path of ammunition advancements for LE. To provide officers with the best performing loads, Federal has continued to make advancements in bullet design. From the early days of the Nyclad bullet to the Hydra-Shok to the HST line, Federal continues to produce ammunition that will pass the FBI Ammunition Test Protocol and give law enforcement the bullet performance they need.

“At Federal, we want to provide the very best for our law enforcement officers,” said Nash. “The HST line was specifically designed to pass the rigorous tests set by the FBI. Many professionals consider it to be the finest defensive handgun ammunition on the market.” 

As part of its 100-year anniversary celebration, Federal Ammunition also released of a hardcover historical book, Federal Ammunition: The First Hundred Years. This 244-page hardcover book highlights Federal cartridge production and innovation over the past century and is now for sale at a special holiday price of $39.99, normally $59.99.

Buy Federal The First 100 Years | Federal Ammunition (federalpremium.com)

For more information on all products and online services from Federal or to shop online, visit www.federalpremium.com.

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