Extar USA Helps Make Shooting More Affordable

Firearm innovator Extar USA continues to strive in American-made ways to keep shooting affordable. The EP9 is regarded by many as the highest-value, large-format 9mm pistol on the market. Aside from making most of the pistol in house, Extar USA helps keep prices down by eliminating markups by only selling direct to consumer.

Now Extar USA continues its strategies with EM9-18 Glock-pattern 9mm magazine.

As with all Extar USA products extensive research and design went into producing the new magazine. The magazine pattern’s previous existence didn’t mean there wasn’t room for improvement and optimization to make a better magazine that can sell at a lower cost.

The Extar EM9-18 was created using extensive knowledge of materials and mold design to produce the best polymer Glock-type magazine on the market. The EM9-18 holds 18 rounds and can be inserted on a closed bolt for 18+1 in your firearm. Compatible with all full-size 9mm (double-stack) Glock handguns and compact and sub-compact variants, the EM9-18 is lightweight, has smooth feeding, and will drop free from the Extar EP9.

Extar USA was determined to only offer a magazine if it met or exceeded, the performance of the Glock OEM magazines. Extar USA’s experience with engineering-grade materials, tooling design, and state-of-the-art processing has accomplished this goal and created a premium magazine at an affordable price.

EM9-18 magazines match feed lip rigidity of the Glock OEM mags and exceed that of Korean import steel-lined magazines.

EM9-18 magazines exceed the rigidity of all other polymer-only aftermarket offerings available at time of development.

Designed with just one witness window to reduce the chance for debris to ingress and further enhance reliability in austere conditions.

EM9-18 magazines swell less than Glock OEM magazines when fully loaded, resulting in easier insertion into the firearm.

The EM9-18 has been engineered to permit inserting in the EP9 with a closed bolt without damaging the magazine as can be experienced with Glock OEM and other aftermarket magazines.

Although developed with EP9 shooters in mind, Extar USA is proud to offer the EM9-18 magazine to shooters of all platforms looking for affordable and reliable Glock-pattern 9mm magazines.

About Extar USA: Since 1995 the personnel behind Extar USA have been redefining possibilities in the firearms industry. Innovations such as the first rifle-caliber polymer receiver sets, the first Glock-type magazine last round bolt hold open for personal defense weapons, and advanced recoil absorbing technologies are Extar USA’s pedigree. Today Extar’s mission is to provide lightweight, fun, and reliable firearms at a price working Americans can afford.

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