Excalibur REVX- Increased Performance from the Recurve Line

I’ve been a fan of Excalibur Crossbows for many years, and their performance never disappoints. I jinxed myself as I approached the shooting booth at last week’s ATA Show.  “I’ve shot Robin Hoods at the two previous shows, and I’d like to make it three,” I said in my atypical, boastful voice.  A representative was quick to hand me the new REVX decked out in Mossy Oak Country DNA, and I put an arrow in the target.  The lighted nock made an easy aiming point for my second shaft.  “I think you hit the nock, but your streak ends at two,” he laughed.

Everything but Wheels

The REVX does not have wheels or cams but has all the other features that hunters and shooters want including a ChargerX Crank that nests into the stock, R.E.D.S. Suppressors, a built-in sound deadening system, and a handy quiver.  Weighing just seven pounds, it launches arrows up to 400 fps using 16.5-inch, 350-grain shafts.  This bow is incredibly accurate.  I picked up this crossbow, shot two arrows from the off-hand position and had the nocks touch.  That’s a testament to ease of operation and dependable performance.

MAG AIR- Basics on Steroids

Excalibur took the best aspects of their line and put them into a basic package called Mag Air for 2024.  This bow is light, as in under five pounds, yet points well and very easy to handle.  Arrow speed is a modest 305 fps, yet I took five African animals, including a huge kudu bull with a similar bow that launched at 305 fps.  It cocks easily with a rope, or you can opt for a crank system.  If you want a basic bow that’s fun to shoot and great for whitetail deer, this is your unit.

Twin Strike Tac2

Excalibur is the only hunting crossbow I’m aware of that loads two arrows at once.  This unique set-up allows for a near instantaneous second shot as opposed to other bows that require re-cocking and reloading.  Clad in Mossy Oak Break-Up Country, the Twin Strike Tac2 features a Tact-100 Illuminated scope, Charger EXT Crank allowing the bow to be cocked and relaxed, a four-arrow quiver, and 16.5-inch Quill arrows.

Dependable Performance

Grizz Montoya, an old friend, called last year saying he wanted to take his daughter on our African safari.  “I’d like her to use a crossbow.  What do you suggest? he asked.  “An Excalibur,” was my instant response.  “And I have one you can borrow.”  This AXE model has been on three safaris and many local hunts.  I got an extra set of limbs and a bowstring, “just in case” but have never needed them.  It disassembles easily and travels in a suitcase.  It shoots shorter arrows with flat nocks, so you can’t load it incorrectly.  I use 150-grain heads for an increased FOC and have never lost an animal.  Montoya’s daughter took a kudu bull and a Nyala, each with one arrow, an impressive performance for someone who had never previously shot a crossbow.   For the full line of Excalibur crossbows, click here.