CZ-USA’s Top Turkey Shotgun Picks for Tagging Spring Gobblers

Spring gobbler season is firing up, and CZ is making sure hunters are well-gunned as they hit the turkey woods. Two hard-hitting 12-gauge shotgun options will allow hunters to carry more longbeards over their shoulders.

CZ Reaper Magnum is CZ-USA’s over/under designed for max flexibility in those common situations where gobblers either strut into a hunter’s lap or hang up at the outer margins of range. Clad in Mossy Oak Obsession Camo the Reaper is built to slay turkeys with the same 3 ½” chambers of the Swamp Magnum. 

The beauty of hunting with an over/under is that each barrel can be equipped with a different choke. A simple flip of the selector switch lets hunters pick which barrel to fire, whether putting an open choke in the bottom barrel for optimal effectiveness at close range or an extra full choke in the top barrel to deliver lethal pellets at longer distances.

Hunters will appreciate the shorter barrels that allow them to be more maneuverable in the woods or blind. The Picatinny-style rail allows hunters to add a favorite optic atop for the best assurance of shot placement. The gun accepts all potent 3 ½-inch turkey loads and all 2 ¾” and 3” loads. At 7 pounds, with a 26-inch barrel and sling swivels front and back, the Reaper Magnum is easy to carry and maneuver. It comes with five extended interchangeable chokes. 

CZ 612 Magnum Turkey is created for the turkey woods. This pump-action shotgun sports an effective springtime camo pattern in the Mossy Oak obsession and comes equipped with two chokes. One choke is extra-full to deliver maximum pellets to the gobbler’s kill zone, and the other is modified for upland hunting and steel shot.

The 612 Magnum turkey comes with a rail that can be added atop the receiver for an optic of choice. The 8mm flat vent rib has a bead at the muzzle, weighs 6.8 pounds, accepts 3 ½-inch, 3”, and 2 ¾” shotshells, and has a 26-inch barrel.

CZ Reaper Magnum Specifications:

SKU: 06588

Chambering: 12-gauge

Barrel Length: 26-inch

Chokes: 5 Extended Black (Cyl, Mod, Imp Mod, Full, Xtra-Full)

Stock: Mossy Oak Obsession Camouflage Polymer 

Length of Pull: 14 1/2

Barrel/Receiver Finish: Mossy Oak Obsession Camouflage

Ejector/Extractor: Ejectors

Rib: 8mm Flat Vent

Comb: 1 3/8 in

Weight: 7 pounds

Heel: 2 1/2 

Trigger Mech: Mechanical, Selectable for Barrel

Safety: Manual Tang

MSRP: $1,079.00

CZ 612 Magnum Turkey Specifications:

SKU: 06533

Chambering: 12-gauge

Barrel Length: 26-inch

Chokes: Modified and Extra Full Interchangeable 

Stock: Mossy Oak Obsession Camouflage Synthetic 

Length of Pull: 14½, comes with a ½” removable spacer

Barrel/Receiver Finish: Mossy Oak Obsession Camouflage

Rib: 8mm Flat Vent

Comb: 1 5/8 in

Weight: 6.8 pounds

Heel: 2 1/4 in 

Safety: Crossbolt Behind Trigger

MSRP: $469.00

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