CZ-USA Introduces the CZ TS 2 Orange to the US

Kansas City, KS (January 17, 2023) – CZ-USA is proud to introduce the new CZ TS 2 Orange sport pistol, designed for competition in the IPSC. Its official release and worldwide debut were at the 2022 IPSC Handgun World Shoot in Pattaya, Thailand. 

The brand-new sport special for use in the IPSC is the CZ TS 2 ORANGE pistol. This championship model was developed in close cooperation with the CZ Shooting Team. The CZ TS 2 ORANGE is an advanced sport shooter in every respect and a winning choice for all competitors, especially those who want to succeed in the most prestigious IPSC Standard division competitions. It’s also a high-level choice for use in other IPSC disciplines and for hobby shooters who wish to improve their shooting performance.

The CZ TS 2 ORANGE aligns with current practical sports shooting trends, featuring a heavy polished “bull” barrel. The bull barrel has several advantages, including higher accuracy, better control, even during rapid, repetitive shots, and significantly longer service life. Shooters who want maximum accuracy, less recoil, or want to show off hand shooting will appreciate the bull barrel.

The new sports pistol has been enhanced by extra cocking serrations on the top front edge of its redesigned slide to ensure more manageable, more comfortable, and reliable cocking. In addition, the TS 2 ORANGE features the CZ Shadow 2 style screw attachment system for the front sight, allowing for quick and effortless removal. The barrel-to-slide and slide-to-frame are hand-fitted to achieve the tightest tolerances while maintaining extreme reliability with all cartridges. A modified recoil spring guide is more buffer-friendly and allows for easier pistol disassembly. 

The CZ TS 2 ORANGE comes standard with a modified thumb rest, higher positioned ambidextrous manual safeties that can also be used as a thumb rest, and an adjustable rear sight. The height of the magazine release button has been shortened by 2 mm, compared to other models in the CZ TS 2 series, which improves grip comfort while maintaining impressively fast reloading speeds.

The duralumin grips, adjustable magazine release button, magwell, and magazine base plate are made from orange anodized duralumin. The orange color is reserved for customized sport pistols in the CZ range.

CZ TS 2 Orange Features:

New Bull Barrel for increased accuracy, better control, and a significantly longer service life

Hand-fitted barrel-to-slide and slide-to-frame for the tightest tolerances

CZ Shadow 2 style front attachment system for quick and easy sight removal

Extra serrations on the top front edge of the slide ensure more comfortable cocking

Higher-positioned ambidextrous safeties

Reduced height magazine release button

Modified recoil spring guide simplifies disassembly

CZ TS 2 Orange Specifications:

SKU: 91265, 91266

Caliber: 40 S&W, 9mm

Magazine Capacity: 17+1, 20+1

Frame Material: Steel

Overall Length: 8.86 in

Barrel Length: 5.2 in

Width: 1.7 in

Weight: 50.3 oz

Sights: Front FO, Checkered rear sight

Safety: Manual Safety, Safety notch on the hammer

MSRP: $2,199.00

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