Cutting Edge Game Calls Releases a new Call Model, the Rafter

Following the release of our original model the 4-Play three years ago, we are adding a new addition to our call line.

Our new call the Rafter will be offered for sale on our website on March 1, 2023. The Rafter is a new take on our original 4-Play Turkey Call design. The original 4-Play was well received by both hunters and media, garnering positive reviews such as NRA’s American Hunter Magazine describing it as “The most innovative box call we’ve ever seen”. While we will continue to offer the original, our new model, the Rafter, has taken the 4-Play one step further. We have been able to redesign the call’s body to include one side capable of creating a deeper tone, while keeping the other side a high tone. This has resulted in a call with an even larger spectrum of tones and pitches. The Rafter will be offered in all the same wood options as our original call.

“I’ve used countless types of calls over the last 35 years, but none so unique as the 4-Play Rafter box call” -Jeff Budz- NWTF Grand Slam record holder

If you’d like to learn more about 4-Play Turkey Calls and Cutting Edge Game Calls please visit our website:

Cutting Edge Game Calls was founded 2019. We strive to offer unique and effective calls to hunters.

MSRP: $160.00

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